Peanut Butter: Beyond the Sandwich

Smunchy. That’s how the Weeds, makers of B. Happy Peanut Butter, describe the texture of their unique recipe. “It’s crunchier than smooth, and smoother than crunchy,” explained Jon, husband and father of this family operation.

B Happy Peanut Butter FThe Weeds have always been huge fans of peanut butter, so when the locally made variety they bought at the farmers market was no longer available, Jon and his wife, Kathy, decided to make their own. That was in January of this year.

B. Happy Peanut Butter is made using honey-roasted peanuts which instantly creates a sweet and salty profile. “We ordered a lot of different peanuts from a lot of different places online before we found the one that we liked,” Jon said.

Together, the family of five work the Zionsville Farmers Market, handing out samples to passersby. “You have to sample it before you really know what it’s like. It’s so different,” Jon said. “I just haven’t found anything that has the texture and consistency and the stuff that we put in it.”

Currently, B. Happy Peanut Butter comes in five flavors: Dream Big (white chocolate and pretzel); Happy Trails Mix (raisin, chocolate chip and flaxseed); Go Lucky (milk chocolate, toffee and puffed rice cereal); So Happy Together (Inga’s snickerdoodle popcorn); Keep Smunchy (plain). One Facebook fan who tried the white chocolate and pretzel combination made a great observation, “It’s totally spoon worthy!”

“It’s really not made to just go on a sandwich,” Jon explained. He suggests trying it with apples or bananas, mixed into smoothies, stirred into yogurt or, his personal favorite, over vanilla ice cream.

Buy B. Happy Peanut Butter at Le Dolce Vita and Inga’s Popcorn in Zionsville, and The Goose Market in Indianapolis. But, be warned – it’s addictive! Oh well, as the Weed family likes to say, “Life is short. B. Happy.”

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