Husband-wife team Dr. Aaron Springhetti and Dr. Jenna Oberley, a board-certified orthodontist, also offers orthodontic services in the office. The two have recently welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby girl named Irma Sue. (Photographer / Michaela Hoover)

From General to Cosmetic, Springhetti Dentistry Goes Above and Beyond

Having a negative feeling or thought regarding dental care is common. However, when walking into Springhetti Dentistry in Carmel, patients experience something a little extra special.

Your name is on the welcome board and the reception room furniture is comfortable, with plants and warm, natural light. You’re ed a warm blanket during procedures, and the overall feel of the office and their family-oriented environment is evident.

Dr. Aaron Springhetti said emotional comfort in the dental office is paramount to the other intangible qualifications of the clinical team, and the confidence the patient leaves with is directly proportional to their experience in the office.

“It’s all in the details,” Springhetti said. “The patient experience that I want patients to have in this office is the exact same experience I desire when I’m cared for, whether it be a nice meal out, a hotel stay, or especially in health care.”

The office is fully digital and the team is equipped with the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools. They have 3D scanners, digital X-rays and intraoral cameras, among other tools that give the team the ability to accurately diagnose. This also allows patients to see what they need, instead of moving forward with blind faith in their dentist’s treatment recommendations.

Gone are the days of having to trust the dentist in whatever procedure they recommend. Today patients can see a digital snapshot of their current state of health and discuss any relative treatment needs.

“My philosophy is to be fully transparent and educational,” Springhetti said. “If you don’t know why we are doing something and you can’t see it with your own eyes, then we haven’t done a successful job. Special technology allows us to design patients’ smiles digitally. We also have a 3D CBCT X-ray unit that allows us to take X-rays to evaluate bone, teeth, joints, scan for cancer and plan for surgery.”

Springhetti specializes in cosmetic dentistry and he’s in the process of earning accreditation through the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Since the 1990s, only 500 dentists in the world have received accreditation, and only one other in Indiana – a mentor of Springhetti.

The art of cosmetic dentistry simply means he can correct the appearance of a single tooth or plan a full smile rehabilitation, depending on the needs of each individual patient.

Before major treatments, Springhetti said starting with the fundamental foundations of health is important.

“It’s like remodeling a house,” he said. “You have to have a solid foundation, and from there you can make the house beautiful. If the foundation isn’t stable, the house will fall down. We look at each patient’s health comprehensively. We discuss proper home care techniques – how to brush, floss and use a Waterpik properly. We analyze and assess diet, and have a discussion relative to patient’s systemic health.”

In fact, many medical conditions overlap in the dentistry field. Pregnancy, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and certain medications, to name a few, can result in a higher risk of dry mouth, gum disease, dental decay, infection and other issues.

Springhetti wants to walk alongside each patient to ensure they are the healthiest version of themselves.

The former triathlete understands what patients want from their side of the chair.

Prior to owning his own practice, Springhetti raced in marathons, triathlons, dozens of half IRONMAN races and seven full IRONMAN races, including the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii. It was challenging, fun and, according to Springhetti, parallels what he’s doing in his office today.

“Dentistry is a challenging field, not just from a clinical aspect, but as a clinician and a business owner,” he said. “I think there’s always something I can be better at or improve upon. That’s how the triathlon was. No race is perfect, but it was a journey of self-awareness and it allowed me to be a better human and deal with life in a constructive way.”

It also put him in the position of being the patient a time or two, whether recovering from a bike accident or injuries from a long race.

“I’ve needed medical care, and in general I want the people that are taking care of me to be the best,” Springhetti said. “Being the best doesn’t just mean the best at what you do, but also how the provider makes the patient feel. It’s more than just people liking me. I can show before-and-after cases. I can have a team that has been in dentistry for 30 years and are the best at what they do, but if I’m not treating people well, they aren’t going to return. Instilling that confidence leads to the best outcomes.”

Springhetti Dentistry is located at 10485 N Michigan Rd #150, Carmel, IN 46032. You can also call them at (317) 875-7645.

From general cleanings to cosmetic dentistry, Springhetti Dentistry has it all. Springhetti’s wife, Dr. Jenna Oberley, a board-certified orthodontist, also offers orthodontic services in the office. The two have recently welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby girl named Irma Sue. The name was chosen to honor Springhetti’s great-grandmother, who immigrated from Italy in 1925. Springhetti also bears the wedding ring of his great-grandmother, which was passed down from his grandfather. They are excited for the new adventure of parenthood and look forward to showing her off to their entire dental family.

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