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Boone Candle Company Brings Safe Products to Customers’ Homes

Writer / Megan Arszman
Photographer / Jon Ellegood

What started as a way to safely enjoy the warm glow and relaxing scent of a candle turned into a new side hustle for one Boone County resident.

“I’ve always loved candles,” says Christine Poole. “I started doing some research about environmental issues after some of our family members were diagnosed with cancer and other health issues.”Boone Candle Company

In Poole’s research, she discovered that the majority of candles available at big-box stores are made with paraffin, which is a byproduct of the gas and oil industry. It’s also derived from certain cancer-causing materials.

“I wanted a healthier alternative to burn [candles] in our home,” she says.

A lot of Poole’s time went into researching candles, including the different types of waxes and oils to use, and different scent combinations. Once she settled on the right combination of wax for her candles, she started to make her own. Friends and family became fans of the candles and wanted Poole to make some for them, and things caught fire from there.

Poole decided on creating candles with soy for a multitude of reasons. “Soy candles actually last longer than those made from paraffin because soy is a harder wax,” she explains. “Plus, soy candles are a byproduct of the American farmer.”

That’s an important aspect of soy candles for Poole. She works full time as a commodity manager in the bioprocessing industry, at a location that is part of an ethanol facility. So, it has all come full circle.

“I work with farmers all day long, then I come home and I make soy candles, which benefits farmers too,” she says.

Poole founded Boone Candle Company in 2019, one year after she started making her own candles. She started leasing a Boone Candle Companystorefront in downtown Lebanon in October of 2021, and she is excited to celebrate the first anniversary as an official part of the center of Boone County.

“I was born in Lebanon and my husband went to Western Boone,” Pool says. “Lebanon is where my heart still is.”

The store offers about 30 scents that rotate throughout the year, but there are always a few staples in the shop. “Cranberry Harvest and Pumpkin Caramel are my two best sellers, and they happen to be my two favorite scents,” Poole says. “I keep those scents year-round because people tend to like the sweeter scents for their home.”

Boone Candle Company also offers candle-pouring classes, perfect for a girls night out or small team-building opportunity. Interested parties are invited to schedule a time for the class, and each attendee will get to blend their own scents and pour their own eight-ounce candle. After letting the candle settle for a week, you’re able to pick up your creation, complete with a special label commemorating the occasion.

Shopping can be done at 101 East Main Street in Lebanon on Saturdays (time changes are announced on the company Facebook page). Customers can also order online any day of the week. Any order over $50 ships free, or Poole offers free local delivery around Boone County. For more information, visit Candle Company

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