Senior female friends enjoying cup of tea

Giving Thanks: A Bucket List

Giving Thanks: A Bucket List

Writer / Claire-Anne Aikman
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Giving Thanks
Senior female friends enjoying cup of tea

“Thank you.” Two little words that, when said, can positively boost someone’s mood for a day, week, month or longer. Saying it is great, but putting words into demonstrated action is amazing. The best part is that this does not have to be expensive. Check out this list of easy-to-do, thought-filled activities that you can implement to show someone just how much you appreciate having them in your life.

  • Write a letter and let them know how much they mean to you. Do you love how funny they are, how they interact with their kids (or yours), or that they are always the friend that can be counted on? Write it down and send it to them.
  • Invite them to join you for a walk. While catching up, tell them how much you appreciate them.
  • Too cold to walk? Invite them over for coffee.
  • Make and give cookies. I delight in baking during fall and winter months, and my family accuses me of trying to fatten them up – I tend to bake faster than they can consume. Now I portion off treats to give to friends and neighbors, which enables me to keep baking. It is a win all around.
  • Give someone you appreciate a plant (or veggies/flowers from your garden).
  • Are you crafty? Give them a piece of your handiwork. My kiddo and I make crafts from kits to give, often picking a craft with a specific person in mind. As an added bonus, the kiddo learns, we work on it together (it is not always a bonding moment because…teenagers) and a friend gets a cool item.
  • Make a compliment jar. Write down all the things you love about them on pieces of paper, fold them up and place them in a jar. Give them the jar and tell them to pull out a piece of paper to read whenever they are feeling overwhelmed. It is sure to boost their spirits.
  • Do something with them that they enjoy, like visiting a museum, shopping or hiking.
  • Be helpful. Bring them a meal, offer to help clean, rake leaves or take the pup for a walk.

Give it a go! Chances are, you will discover what I have discovered – once you start, you realize how fun it is and you will look for more ways to show thanks to those you appreciate.

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