Business Spotlight: 9Round Kickbox Fitness

Writer  /  Christy Heitger-Ewing

 A kickboxing themed fitness center for people who want a fun workout with phenomenal results, 9Round Kickbox Fitness incorporates aerobic, anaerobic, strength, and resistance training into each 30-minute workout.

For several years, Craig Valier has owned 9Round Kickbox Fitness in Greenwood and Southport. In January, he opened a third location in Avon at 7615 E. U.S. Hwy 36. A big draw to such a gym is that even someone on the go can squeeze in a half an hour to exercise. Plus, since a new round of circuit training starts every three minutes, clients can work out at their convenience.

Members pay a $99 start-up fee, which buys a pair of championship boxing gloves, hand wraps, and blue-tooth enabled heartrate monitor. Trainers, who teach form and technique, are included in the membership cost. During workouts, clients wear customized heartrate monitors, enabling trainers to advise members to speed up or slow down; this is key since staying in the right zone maximizes fat burn and increases the metabolism, thereby burning additional calories. The $89 monthly membership rate is reduced for anyone who chooses to pay up-front or commit to a 6-month or year-long membership.

“Personal trainers at most gyms typically charge one dollar per minute,” says Valier. “Here you get an entire month of workouts for about the same cost as an hour with a personal trainer.”

Also included in the membership is access to an online nutrition portal so that clients can pair healthy eating with their exercise habits.

The 30-minute fitness routine breaks down like this: Every three minutes, members move from round to round, participating in activities such as jump rope, light weight training, coordination drills, heavy bag work for resistance and strength, speed bag work for quickness and agility, and core work. Valier promises that by the time folks leave, they’re dripping in sweat. He also notes that in one half-hour session men typically burn 500-550 calories; women, 350-400.

The difference between 9Round Fitness and other gyms is that this workout is focused.

“At ‘big box’ gyms, you may spend a couple of hours wandering around, not sure of what to do, waiting on a machine to open up, and leave having not really gotten in a good workout,” says Valier. “Here you get in, get out, and get on with your day. Plus, you have a trainer there during that 30 minutes to take all of the thinking out of the equation.”

Valier encourages potential clients not to be intimidated by kickboxing, a sport that’s enjoyable, energizing, and effective. Members often start seeing a change within two weeks of starting the program. And though Valier has witnessed dramatic weight loss in clients, he sees the most improvement in balance and overall toning.

“I’ve had people come in whose coordination was so bad, they struggled to walk and chew gum at the same time,” Valier says with a chuckle. “Now they’re in here jumping rope and kicking with power. It’s amazing.”

Most importantly, clients report feeling so much better.

“That’s what it’s all about,” says Valier, once overweight himself. “Feeling healthy is the best reward.”

Give 9Round Kickbox Fitness a try. The first workout is free! For more information, call 317-268-6486 or visit

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