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Avon Dad of the Year: Brian Wheeler

Writer / Heather Chastain

A man rooted in faith and family is Avon’s Dad of the Year. Brian Wheeler is a father to six children. He was nominated by his wife Loree.

“I always tell our kids that they hit the dad jackpot,” Loree says. “Brian invests so much time into each of them and makes each one feel special.”

Brian and Lorree have been married seven years and say they have entered a transitional time in their lives.

“We just had one child get their permit, another is close behind,” Brian says. “We’re starting to go on college visits. We’re a normal family. My wife is a photographer and posts beautiful pictures of our family online. People always think we have it all together, but I just laugh and say, ‘no that’s just Facebook.”

Active participants in their church, Nehemiah Church, they focus their family in growing through faith.

“Faith is a big part of our family and who we are,” Brian says. “As a young parent, you have no idea what you’re doing, sometimes I still feel that way, and you often rely on rules. But if you can turn them toward a relationship with God, you can realize you don’t need as many rules if they are guided toward Him. Our daughter is a perfect example. I’ve seen a lot of kids her age get wrapped up in social media and have their identity wrapped up in it. The best tool we’ve given our kids is reminding them their identity and value is in Christ. And my daughter is thriving.”

The CEO of Legacy Wealth, a practice management and financial planning organization, Brian humbly accepted his victory.

“I’m tickled I was nominated, but I’m still taken aback,” he says. “There are at least 100 guys in my life that should have come before me. So, for me, this is sort of a communal win. It’s a representation of all the men in my life.”

Brian credits his parents for turning him into the man he is today.

“My mom and dad will celebrate their 50th anniversary this month,” Brian says. “I’ve seen their relationship mature. They’ve gone through good times and bad. When you’re young, you don’t understand so much of what they did, and now I just call them and say, ‘thank you for enduring all of those piano lessons and for putting up with me growing up!’ My dad was always very encouraging of everything I do and my mom always believed I could do anything.”

Brian also serves on the board of Restored, a group working to recover and restore girls sex trafficked in Indiana. Last year, the group recovered 55 girls. Brian says so far this year, they have recovered 55 girls.

The organization hopes to grow and build a facility where these girls can stay while they are being rehabilitated. You can learn more about the organization at RestoredInc.org.

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