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Viewpoint Roasters

Local Company Produces Whole Bean Coffee on Demand

Writer / Ryan Kennedy
Photographer / Kelli White

Coffee is a shared passion for the Duvalls.

Adam Duvall, one half of the husband-and-wife team that owns and operates Viewpoint Roasters, says he used to drink his coffee with lots of cream and sugar until he discovered there are ways to get a better flavor from the beans alone. He developed a passion for coffee and dreamed of having his own roastery.

viewpoint roasters coffee

Liz Duvall says her husband helped her discover a taste for coffee.

“I was pretty sure that I didn’t like it for most of my twenties,” she says. “It turns out that it’s because I was drinking really bad coffee. [Adam] definitely has always had a passion for local coffee places and small business. He definitely turned me around in realizing that it wasn’t that I don’t like coffee. It’s that I like good coffee.”

Adam, who Liz describes as “coffee snob,” had been roasting coffee beans for family and friends as a hobby. The Duvalls moved to Westfield in April, which is when they decided to act on an idea Liz says they had been contemplating for a while – starting their own coffee business.

“We finally said, ‘You know what? We’re going to give it a shot. We’re going to just do some small batches. We’re going to let family know that we’re selling it, and see if anybody’s even interested.’”

The named their business Viewpoint Roasters.

“We are a coffee roasting business where we roast coffee on demand,” Adam says. “We’re currently not in a storefront. We are producing whole bean coffee for customers.”

Once an order is received from a customer, Adam gets to work using the roaster in the Duvalls’ home.

“We have a roaster and we go through and roast the required amount,” he says. “Then we allow them to sit for the right amount of time before we hand them to the customer. We bag and label the product and then work out delivery, whether it’s pick up or delivery for the customer.”

Adam says he’s profiled each of Viewpoint Roasters’ coffees to determine which temperatures provide the best taste. It’s one of several variables that must be balanced in order to provide customers with the quality product they’re looking for. viewpoint roasters coffee beans

“Beans can be roasted all different kinds of ways – all different temperatures and times,” Liz says. “It has a lot to do with the person who’s roasting it. It can also depend on the customer that we’re serving, because we have some customers that maybe prefer a lighter roast, some a darker, some a French roast, and some maybe even like more of an espresso. That can factor into how long things can take, or what beans that we would then recommend to you to order from us.”

Viewpoint Roasters roasts everything fresh, and Adam says the process can take between two and four days for an order to be delivered, depending on how long the coffee needs to sit in order to achieve the best taste.

As small business owners, the Duvalls take pride in supporting other local businesses. Their beans are sourced ethically, and much of them locally.

“We make a point to get our beans from wholesalers and things like that, that we know are treating the farmers who actually grow the beans well,” Liz says. “We know that they’re not ripping them off, just trying to get the cheapest prices there. We actually get about 80 to 90% of our beans from a company that’s here in Indiana. That’s really important to us too – that we’re a small Indiana business supporting another Indiana business.”

Viewpoint Roasters currently does most of its sales online, though Liz says she hopes to continue to grow the business and serve the community on a larger scale.

viewpoint roasters coaster“The goal is to get to the point where we’re operating out of a commercial-grade kitchen with a larger-scale roaster,” she says.

She hopes to eventually operate as a supplier to local businesses.

“That would definitely be the big, big goal,” she says. “The dream, you know – walking into restaurants or coffee shops and seeing them sell our coffee there.”

For more info on Viewpoint Roasters, call 317-445-1369 and visit viewpoint-roasters.myshopify.com.

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