Sugar wax in a jar
Sugaring NYC is the newest waxing option in the Louisville metro area

Business Spotlight: Sugaring NYC

Sugaring NYC offers St. Matthews residents the opportunity to treat themselves with a special type of organic hair removal for the first time. Sugaring is a relatively painless, affordable and long-lasting hair removal process that is made up of just three ingredients: water, organic sugar and organic lemon juice.

Emily Musson, owner of the Sugaring NYC Louisville franchise, brought the service to local residents after being a client of Sugaring NYC in New York City. Sugaring NYC Louisville is centrally located in close proximity to Beechwood Village, Woodlawn Park, St. Matthews and Lyndon.

“When I moved to Louisville during the pandemic to be closer to my family, I realized sugaring wasn’t a service that was offered here,” Musson said. “I started researching more about Sugaring NYC and realized they had started franchising. I saw this gap in the market and I knew I could bring this place here that I loved for a bunch of reasons.”

Woman waxing a woman's eyebrows
Eyebrow waxing using Sugaring technique

Sugaring NYC offers such services as Brazilians, keratin lash lifts and brow laminations, performed by licensed aestheticians trained to help customers with all their hair removal needs. The sugaring paste is applied at body temperature so it does not burn skin, and can easily be cleaned up with water. While most of Musson’s customers are women, there are also services for men. They offer personalized skin-care advice and products.

“For people who have had a traditional waxing experience, sugaring hurts way less,” Musson said. “I couldn’t go back to traditional waxing because it just hurts too much. For people who don’t have any experience with anything like that, sugaring is a self-care service; it’s a treat-yourself thing. Sometimes if I’m just having a bad day, it’s no different than getting your nails done. It’s something to make yourself feel good.”

Musson chose the spot for her location because she found herself frequently visiting other stores in the area, making St. Matthews an ideal place to reach new customers.

“As soon as I started talking to the corporate folks about where I wanted to put the store, immediately I knew it would be in St. Matthews,” Musson said. “There was no question on that. I find that a lot of the beauty services that I get done are in St. Matthews and I’m there all the time.”

Musson opened her store in August, and hopes to continue educating the community about sugaring and its benefits.

“There are a lot of things you can do to make the experience better,” Musson said. “The aestheticians are licensed, so they have a wealth of knowledge about skin care and what products people should and shouldn’t use. People are really enjoying, getting their questions answered about their skin-care needs.”

As for prerequisites, only seven to 10 days of hair growth is needed, about the length of a grant of rice.

Overall, Musson is excited to provide a service that has positively impacted herself.

“I just want to get it out there,” Musson said. “I was a client, and I liked it so much I have to have this in my life, so I brought it here. I know if people try sugaring they will like it as much as I do.”

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