Middletown Native Georgio Dimitrov Talks Athletic Career

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DimitrovGeorgio Dimitrov and his upbringing in Louisville and strategic mentoring from family members have led him to take on an exciting adventure as a football player overseas. His passion for football – known as soccer in the United States, of course – stems from his upbringing.

Dimitrov has already begun to make his mark. He follows in the footsteps of his mother, father and maternal grandfather – all are well-known for their athletic achievements throughout their lifetime. His mother, Ludmila Dimitrov, is a former professional ice figure skater and champion from Moscow, Russia. His father served as inspiration for Dimitrov, as he also played soccer while growing up. His maternal grandfather was a coach for the sport as well. These close ties set him up for success as he began to enter into athletic competitions at a young age.

“I moved to Barcelona, Spain, at around 12 years of age,” Dimitrov says. “I played and spent most of my teen years there, from ages 13 to 18.”

He holds Bulgarian citizenship, and is able to live in Barcelona while pursuing his passion.

“I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and lived there through my childhood,” he says. “I experienced most of my life there, so it always feels special to come back, which I do regularly.”

Dimitrov is steadfast with his training, and works diligently to improve his technique and assist his teammates to the best of his ability. He describes himself as being wild and outgoing, yet also very caring.

DimitrovHe was approximately 6 years old when his grandfather moved to the United States. His grandfather was well-known as an honor coach of football in Russia, with nearly 35 years of experience under his belt. He was Dimitrov’s personal coach in the states. Together they honed his craft and personal development for several years. In June of 2012, his family moved to Barcelona to provide Dimitrov and his younger sister ample opportunity to succeed in their individual fields.

Dimitrov’s sister Daniella is a tennis player who has played at Wimbledon. She recently prepared for an upcoming tennis performance in the U.S. Open. The family worked together to make sure both were able to pursue their dreams. One of Dimitrov’s earliest memories is a business his mother started, called Chance4Champs in Louisville. She says her children were the inspiration behind the program. Chance4Champs provides children with assistance and encouragement to practice their talents and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

From roughly 2007 to 2011, Dimitrov excelled in competitions, and was commended with honors and praise as a top goal scorer. In the following two years he played for Cornella Football Club, then moved on to get more personalized training. His hard work and dedication have allowed him to explore new places and make an abundance of friends. In the past he has attended trips throughout Europe and several FC Barcelona camps. He has had the privilege of playing against teams such as Wimbledon, Middlesborough, the Irish national team, and Bolton.

“I have traveled to and through many countries in Europe for vacation and football – England, Wales, Scotland, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Greece, Morocco, etcetera,” he says. “I have experienced and seen many different cultures and I love that.”

In 2020 Dimitrov accepted an opportunity to play in Poland, where he says he has found a place to continue improving and developing as a player.

“Being in a country as distant as Poland makes you realize how far away from home you are, but my teammates and the people in general are great,” he says.

In terms of his role and position on his team, he describes himself as a “speedy winger.” He is multitalented and able to play left wing, right wing and center forward.

When asked who inspires him the most, he cites Cristiano Ronaldo.

“His hard work and winner mentality inspires us all,” he says.

DimitrovRonaldo is a popular professional footballer from Portugal. He has earned prestige for achieving world records as a European player. He has received nearly 30 trophies as a professional player and is known for scoring the most goals in the UEFA Champions League. His hard work and determination have shaped him into an inspiration for young athletes such as Dimitrov.

Dimitrov mentions several other individuals who have served as inspirations to him.

“I would have to say I’m inspired by anyone I can learn and be better from, whether that’s Zlatan Ibrahimović, Joe Rogan or my grandfather,” he says.

Joe Rogan is well-known for his role as an American comedian and sports commentator. Ibrahimović, like Ronaldo, is a professional football player. He is known for having scored more than 500 goals in his professional career, and his talent is gaining wider recognition as his stats continue to improve. Dimitrov’s grandfather has been a key asset in helping him to overcome obstacles he encounters, and improve his sports physique and competitive morale.

Dimitrov and his teammates keep each other motivated, and bond through their diligence in their training programs. Even when given spare time to relax, Georgio spends most of his time focusing on the next day of training or competition.

This up-and-coming talent dedicates most of his time to his passion, constantly looking for ways to improve his performance and technique. Some of his free time does, however, go toward leisurely activities such as cooking, watching YouTube, and relaxing in general. He also loves to fish whenever he gets the chance. This particular activity reminds him of his roots in Louisville, where he first learned how to fish.

“Every day we train, get analysis to learn things, and try to improve different aspects of the game,” he says. “There’s not an accurate time frame I could give you for how often we train. It’s every day. My motivation comes from knowing that I can be better. I want to get better, get stronger, gain experience in this sport and improve different aspects of my game, as well as help my team wherever I’m playing – and, as always, improve all around as a person.”

Dimitrov has a bright future as he ventures through his life’s journey, and each step brings a piece of honor and inspiration to his family back in Louisville.

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