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Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, For the Moms

An Open Letter to All the Moms This Mother’s Day

Photography Provided

From one momma to another…

I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing.

This Mother’s Day you are loved, beautiful and doing just fine.

I see you. We see you.

Messy buns, old leggings with a hole in them…

Driving your kids to school because they missed the bus and spilling coffee all over yourself on the way there…

Taking teachers’ calls…

Making all the performances and play dates…

Driving to and from school sports or sleepovers…

Making dinner and catching up on the events of the day face-to-face with the family…

You put on a pretty face – makeup or not – and make sure everyone is taken care of ahead of yourself. You get up early and stay up late to make sure everything is prepped and ready for the next day. You grab a coffee to have an extra feeling of awareness to tackle all the projects that lie ahead for you and the family. You might not have sat down since 5 a.m. this morning. We see you.

You are the house manager.

You are the chauffeur.

You are the cook.

You are the virtual assistant.

You are the knower of all things about everyone in the house.

You are the master of ceremonies.

And you tackle all these things with grace and kindness.

you are theYou are the most magical creature on this earth. You make everything twinkle. You make even the smallest gestures seem larger than life. You have a way of making gray skies shine with rainbows. You create magical moments whenever you are around with things like blanket forts, staring at the ceiling or the stars, sitting by the bonfire, sharing old stories of your past, your tiny winks, and so much more. Even just sitting around is better with you there.

You are a shoulder to cry on. You listen and cry with them. You always do so much for others and keep your family and household running strong. You make everything better even when that’s a hard feat. As stated above, you are magic. Even when you feel down and drained like you can’t go on anymore, you can and you do. You have the strength of a lion and honestly, we know you can do just about anything.

But remember, they need you. They need a healthy you. So this make sure to take time for yourself. It’s important. Take any quiet time you can, even if that’s sitting in a quiet closet for five minutes to refresh. Make a little time for you. Everything you are taking care of day in and day out is exhausting and draining, so make sure to take time to refresh your soul at times too. Do it. Set time on the calendar where you are kid-free and partner-free. They’ll understand.

Right now love might be shown to you with slobbery kisses, monster hugs, giant squeezes or even sneezing in your face, but it’ll change and grow over time. The love for you is larger than anyone can quantify. Those in your life know only half the things you do on a daily basis and they can’t even imagine the things running through your head every day. They’d be lost without you and if they don’t know that now, they will someday. It might not be tomorrow, but don’t worry, it’ll come. you are the

So keep up the great work. You are doing amazing.

Stay present – remember, present over perfect.

They love you for you, and probably don’t mind a messy house, or eating out now and then.

They just want to be around you.

You are enough. You are just what they need.

Mother’s Day is for cherishing you!

You are the greatest momma they know!

You got this, momma!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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