Scarlet by Jeffrey Stapleton
2024-48x30-SCARLET-A dream car for many road runners. A fascinating history of design and engineering that married so well. (Photo provided)

Meet Successful Artist and Tipton Native Jeff Stapleton

Jeff Stapleton grew up in the close-knit community of Tipton, which was akin to being part of an extended family, where everyone knew each other’s names and stories. Tipton thrived on its small-town charm, boasting a vibrant downtown area adorned with the majestic Romanesque courthouse at its heart. Many Tipton residents have either lived in the area their entire lives or have family members who have farmed this rich Indiana landscape for generations. Tipton County residents are proud of her bountiful history of agriculture, railroads and manufacturing, and it continues to grow and evolve.

From an early age, Stapleton found solace and inspiration in the arts. Under the tutelage of Ruth Ross, a revered art mentor and local painter, and the nurturing embrace of the Tipton County Art Association, he embarked on a journey of creative exploration. These early influences instilled in Stapleton a deep appreciation for the power of artistic expression and the importance of community support. Throughout his schooling, he seized every opportunity to showcase his talents. He and Tipton alum Kyle Grayson left their mark on the walls of Tipton High School with the iconic Blue Devil mural.

With a major in advertising and illustration from the Columbus College of Art and Design, Stapleton moved to Dayton, Ohio, where he embarked on a professional journey that would shape his career. His tenure at a small, creative art studio provided invaluable experiences, working on projects for esteemed brands like Mead, Michelob, Procter & Gamble, and Kenner. Eventually he found himself at the helm of Graphica, a leading design firm, where he served as president and owner for three decades. It was here that he honed his skills in brand building, communication and storytelling, collaborating with Fortune 500 companies to solve complex problems through innovative design solutions.

After selling the firm, he began working as a brand consultant, graphic designer and, finally, a fine artist. His home studio is a sanctuary where the scent of oil paint, glue, sawdust, and markers satisfy his insatiable appetite for art supplies. Some days the space is hushed, allowing for quiet creations of digital files, while on others it reverberates with the eclectic mix of TV, podcasts and streaming services piping through his headphones. With two thriving adult kids and a supportive wife, Sherry Stapleton, his life is a balance of family, creativity, and a desire to bring ideas to life.

Much of Stapleton’s life and career can be traced back to those humble beginnings with the people in Tipton who would guide his creative thinking, support his efforts by hanging his early art in their homes, and always showing their support to him. Today the support for the arts continues with several people in Tipton working to support future creative minds. People within the city of Tipton and various business owners are working to create a new structure to include and embrace a wider form of the arts, in the schools and through community events. Through his work, Stapleton has been able to offer insight and advice to help keep what was influential to him alive for others to build upon.

“In the immersive process of creating, I find myself in the ‘flow,’ resulting in artwork that often reveals embedded images or meanings I had not consciously intended,” Stapleton says. “Storytelling can be a blend of intention and happenstance. My sometime studio companions, Fiona and Lola, two feline ladies with a judgmental attitude, demand attention at the most unexpected moments and add a touch of entertainment to my creative haven.”

Art Tells a Story Jeffrey StapletonHe continues to innovate and create unique art from his studio just outside of Dayton, surrounded by a 264-acre nature preserve. According to Stapleton, his home-based studio is the perfect setting for fueling his creative energy. He is committed to sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise in brand consulting and design services. As an artist, he continues to push the boundaries of his artistic expression. He has a vision for reviving the art and culture in the Tipton area. He hopes to inspire others to pursue their creative interests in not just art, but any endeavor that leads to the cultural growth of the area.

To learn more about Stapleton and his story, be sure to visit Also visit his Instagram page @jeffreyastapleton.

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