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Leftover Candy

What to do With Leftover Candy This Halloween Season

Writer / Abigail Hake
Photography Provided

The time for Halloween comes and goes, but the candy goes on forever, right? Just when you think it’s all gone, it rears its sugary face again. Before you just go ahead and eat it all and regret that decision, think about these cool ways to deal with those massive amounts of Halloween candy.

Make a Pie

Not a fruit pie, a candy pie. This is an easy one to search for online to find a great recipe, but think of a blondie bar in a pie crust filled with candy. They are pretty easy to make and will quench all those candy cravings at one time. Look up candy bar pies online and you’ll be set.

Everything Bars

Along the same lines as making a pie, let’s make some snack bars. Much like making cookie bars, you’ll need the basic ingredients of sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, flour and salt, but then add chopped-up Halloween candy. Mix it all together and cook it up, and you’ll be in for a tasty treat. Search recipes available by looking up Halloween candy cookie bars.

Loaded Popcorn

This is another easy one, and will be loved by your family. Pop some popcorn and then spice it up, or rather sweeten it up. Add some sort of drizzle like chocolate syrup and then sprinkle in chopped-up candies, or keep it to round candies like M&M’s and Reese’s Pieces. It’s never a bad idea to add rainbow sprinkles.

Freeze It

A tried-and-true way to make a dish last forever is to freeze it. This might make dishes too easy to access during the year, but as long as you keep it to just a few here and there, this is a great way to enjoy a sweet treat until next Halloween. You can also freeze it until your next get-together and let your guests devour it when they visit, saving your sweet tooth and your waistline.

Trail Mix

This is an easy one if you are into trail mixes. Gather your favorites to add to a mix of nuts. Recipes are out there and easy to find. Plus, you won’t feel so bad eating chocolate while taking in something more nutritious like nuts and berries.

Gingerbread Houses

Yes, I know we are talking about Halloween candy, but it’s the perfect accent to any holiday gingerbread house. This will save you a lot of money if you can keep the candy around that long. Think of how well mini Kit Kats would look as a brick pathway, or Skittles in a beautiful gingerbread garden.

Give It Away

There are quite a few ways to do this, and all are a little different. First, you could just send them to your friends as small, sweet care packages. Create cards or crafts for friends and family, and then send them off in a small package with candy underneath. This sweet surprise is sure to make someone smile.

You can also send the candy off to our hard-working soldiers. There are a couple programs led by folks who will take unopened candy for our troops. Look up Soldiers’ Angels and Operation Stars & Stripes to find out where you can drop off the delicious treats. Little bits of candy are just a small way of saying thanks for serving and sacrificing for us.

Don’t forget about local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and retirement communities. While it’s probably smart to call first to make sure they’ll take your goods, most will probably appreciate the thought. Treats like candy often fall to the wayside and can bring a true smile to those in need. It might seem small, but small things can make a big impact on someone’s day.

Call Your Dentist

No, not for cavities – but do watch for those. Call your dentist to see if they participate in a candy buy-back program. If they do, your kids might be in for a surprise when they are able to exchange their candy for a reward. Who knows, they might get another toothbrush out of it too.

Now that you are drooling thinking about candy and the things you can do with it, what do you think you’ll do when you have gobs and gobs of Halloween candy this year? It might be a combination of ideas, but whatever it is, enjoy the Halloween season, and happy trick-or-treating!

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