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Beacon Off the Path Serves as a Tasty Partner Business to Black Circle

Writer & Photographer / Alesha McCarty

What makes a community? A diverse group of people living in close proximity. A social group that has something in common. A shared hobby, interest or common goal. A community can be defined in many ways. However, at the center of every community is usually a starting point, a source of inspiration, a beacon. Beacon Off the Path

Kristine and John-Christian Bockman have been drawn to what residents now affectionately refer to as the 46th Street coalition neighborhood. Ten years ago this neighborhood was desolate – a drive-through area just east of SoBro. However, in 2016 Black Circle Brewing changed all that by opening up a venue space in the old Double 8 warehouse, now called Refinery46. Kristine and John-Christian denote Black Circle Brewing as a beacon for this neighborhood, a starting point, and a guiding light for how the area develops. When they finally had an opportunity to open a kitchen for the venue, the name came easily – Beacon Off the Path.

Beacon serves as a safe space for the diverse community, similar to their other successful venue, GoldLeaf Savory & Sweet. While GoldLeaf focuses more on coffee, breakfast, brunch, evening snacks, and their wine program, Beacon is here to serve the masses coming through the Black Circle venue. Whether you’re visiting Black Circle for a trivia night, live performance, or the Sunday show (free comedy night), Beacon will be open and ready.

The thoughtfully designed menu focuses on scrumptious handheld items, a fine example of elevated street food. “We wanted to ensure the items were delicious but easy to manage, and provided sustenance whilst you enjoy the show,” says Kristine Bockman.

She has a culinary background, and her flavors and creations elevate even something as simple as a fried bologna sandwich. You won’t find any ordinary fried bologna sandwich here. The team hand-cuts thick slices of bologna, sears the outside, and stacks it on a toasted butter bun. John-Christian’s personal favorite is the Portuguese Steak Sandwich, which reminds him of his time in Portugal. It features thinly cut steak, marinated in deep, rich flavors of red wine and garlic, perfectly grilled and served with homemade peri-peri for a little kick.

Beacon Off the PathThe team ensures the menu covers something for everyone. The Tofu Street Tacos are both vegan, gluten free and absolutely delicious, served with tomatillo salsa. The Quesadillas can be subbed with their homemade hummus for a dairy-free option. If you’re looking for something warm, gooey and comforting, the Grilled Cheese with seared tomatoes really hits the spot. Their offerings can accommodate everyone. They also offer rotating sides like their Broccoli Salad or Caprese Salad. The team boasts that there will also be more specials to come, additional side options, frozen yogurt, and pop-ups to support other creators. The menu also celebrates several local businesses, like the option of adding Smoking Goose City Ham, or the Chorizo Tacos featuring Old Major Market. All sandwiches can be subbed with bread from local gluten-free bakery Native Bread, and you can find a refreshing kombucha from Circle Bev. Nothing on the menu exceeds $10, and the owners are proud to serve food made with quality ingredients at an affordable price.

Beacon is also family friendly and puppy friendly, with patio seating. The space currently showcases hand-painted graphics, classic blue walls, a row of pinball machines and a few plants. The eastern light that pours through large, industrial black-paned windows in the evening offers a warm glow to the dining room, which will be filled with lush green plants and local art. A TV will provide a direct live showing of the Black Circle space so patrons don’t miss a beat when ordering food for the show.

Their grand opening went off without a hitch on April 20, and the team has been busy perfecting their service and menu. Offering a familiar, friendly face, you’ll often find John-Christian at the front counter, while Tony and Teenie handle the kitchen. The same team you’ve grown to know and love in the mornings at GoldLeaf you’ll now find in the evenings at Beacon. If you are seeking good food, an accepting and inviting atmosphere, and a dependable, committed team, seek the Beacon. While you’re always welcome to stay for the show, they also offer quick service to go.

While the vibe is evolutionary as the team settles into the new space, one thing is sure – Beacon will serve as a lantern in the dark, and a space where everyone can find a little light.Beacon Off the Path

Beacon Off the Path is located at 2201 East 46th Street in Indianapolis. Visit them on Instagram @beaconindy.

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