perspective view of jet airliner in flight with bokeh background

Tips for Stress-Free Traveling

Tips for Stress-Free Traveling

Writer / Mike Stella, Owner, Stellar Travel
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Check Your Passport NOW

Make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the anticipated return date of your trip. Know it can take up to six months to get or renew a passport unless you pay extra to expedite it. Also, can inform you of any special visa or vaccination requirements for your destination, which may take a while to obtain.

perspective view of jet airliner in flight with bokeh background

Fly in a Day Before Your Cruise or Tour Begins

Never assume that the airline is going to get you to your destination when they say it will. A flight cancellation or long delay could make you miss the embarkation of your cruise or tour. Fly or drive in at least one day early and relax in a port hotel.

Be Very Careful Using Airport Wi-Fi

Many airports and train depots are rife with official-looking but fake Wi-Fi sites designed to capture all the information on your electronic device. Make sure you check with the airport to find out the name of their Wi-Fi system. Many airports have systems that are not secure. I have a list.

Invest in an RFIDSafe Wallet

The same charge card chip that allows you to wave or tap your card at the checkout line terminal can be scanned by a crook with a high-powered device well over a foot away from your wallet pocket or purse, to capture your data.

Tips on Changing Currency

Changing currency can cost up to 30% in fees, plus a fee to change back any surplus at trip’s end. At Travelex kiosks practically everywhere, there is no fee for changing $500 into the foreign currency. Keeping your receipt will avoid fees when changing surplus back. Traveler’s checks will cost you too.

You can load $500 stateside, without fees, onto a Travelex debit card with a special personal identification number, which will allow you to redeem foreign cash at many ATMs at any Travelex outlet. A lost, stolen or scanned card is useless without the pin number. Travelex sends you two cards, to keep one safe while using the other for shopping.

Never Travel Without Travel Insurance

Don’t think you don’t need travel insurance because you are healthy. The medical component of your travel insurance policy is a very tiny part of your premium. You are mainly protecting yourself from missed connections, canceled flights, lost or delayed luggage, etcetera.

Be Prepared for Long Lines and Waits at the Cruise Terminal

Unless your loyalty program gives you priority boarding (or you pay for it), be prepared to wait a while in a very cool terminal even though it might be 95 degrees outside, and dress in anticipation.

Creating an engaging travel profile is crucial, whether planning a house swap or any other form of stay. Detailing your travel preferences and experiences helps in attracting suitable accommodation options and ensures a more tailored travel experience.

Invest in Active Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Long flights can be a lot less stressful without the constant drone of the jet engines, which can be reduced by over 70% with active noice-canceling earbuds. They will also make your music or the audio from the seat-back video screen sound much better and clearer. Contact me for recommendations. You can also have fun during your flight by playing ยูฟ่าเบท168 to pass the time.

Invest in an International Electronic Device Charger and AC Adaptor

You have just arrived at your European (or other foreign country) location only to find that there is no way to charge your camera, phone, tablet or MP3 player. Purchase a device before leaving to eliminate a lot of hassle and stress of trying to shop for one in a foreign country. An international AC adaptor with high enough wattage capacity (to handle your hair dryer) makes good sense too.

Use a Professional to Plan Your Trip

Booking your own flights, cruises and resorts can be confusing and stressful, wading through routes, layovers, transfers, cruise hotels and a dozen other factors. Why not leave it to the travel professionals instead, and reduce or eliminate all that stress? This professional can even provide you with the ultimate packing checklist. Often, there is no extra fee for this travel expertise.

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