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The Thin Line: Noblesville Public Safety Director Chad Knecht

Photography Provided

PoliceChad Knecht brings a wealth of experience to his job as Noblesville’s public safety director. Knecht spent 29 years with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), and his roles included deputy chief of operations, district commander and SWAT team leader.

After retiring in 2018, Knecht was the senior director of security and safety for the Indiana Pacers.

Chad Knecht’s new position as Noblesville’s public safety director oversees the Noblesville Police and Fire departments. He is responsible for coordinating crime prevention and safety efforts inside Noblesville, and he also works with various outside agencies. Knecht wants to work with these agencies to fight drug issues, suicide and teen depression in the community.

Knecht is confident that Noblesville residents will greatly appreciate the city’s new NobleAct, a comprehensive community response program.

“One of the positive things about NobleAct is the level of cooperation between different Noblesville agencies that will greatly benefit people,” Knecht says. “The City of Noblesville is working with the Noblesville Police Department and The Noblesville Fire Department to create NobleAct, which is a mental health crisis and substance abuse response program.”

Knecht says the NobleAct utilizes police officers, community paramedics and mental health clinicians to provide locals with a connection to community services. The agencies involved with the program endeavor to divert those experiencing a crisis away from the criminal justice system.

“One of my big goals for 2021 is to enhance the NobleAct so that it helps as many people as possible, and sets them up to succeed,” Knecht says. “With the NobleAct, different agencies can utilize our public safety, health care and community resources to proactively help people with non-emergency problems or needs.”

Knecht says the NobleAct is an all-purpose plan that benefits the entire Noblesville community.

“We can address problems and concerns before they get bigger,” he says. “One positive example would be checking on an elderly person who might need to be reminded to take their medication. We could send a community-based medic to check on them before it becomes a crisis. It’s taking preventive measures to make sure people are all right.”

Knecht says the NobleAct also incorporates mental health and addiction services.

Police“We can have an active crisis response, and use the resources of the different departments to help de-escalate a scene by utilizing the abilities and experiences of a community paramedic, mental health officer and mental health clinician,” Knecht says. “The team of professionals can asses a patient’s needs and give them direct linkage to the best community-based services for them. There would also be follow-up services such as checking on people transported to a hospital within 72 hours.”

Community-focused outreach programs and community awareness events are also key elements to the success of the NobleAct, according to Knecht.

“A lot of the success of the NobleAct depends on everyone working together to help as many people in our community as we can,” he says.

Knecht says he and his family love Noblesville.

“Noblesville is a wonderful place to live with great people,” he says. “I’m looking forward to serving the community in my new role.”

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