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Student Spotlight: Tyler Ashby

Writer / Matt Keating
Photography Provided

Tyler Ashby, a senior at Noblesville High School, recently landed an interesting and impressive internship with IU Health.

It’s an internship that will help him out in his future endeavors. Ashby loves science and his internship has given him an opportunity to explore an area he is thoroughly interested in. He couldn’t be more pleased.Tyler Ashby

“I am interning at the Clinkenbeard Lab, which is a research lab at IUPUI that studies the molecular mechanisms driving bone loss in chronic kidney disease,” Ashby says. “It involves extracting RNA (a ribonucleic acid present in all living cells) from bone and tissue samples, performing tests such as quantitative polymerase chain reactions which determines the amount a certain gene is being expressed in a sample, along with interpreting and recording data from those tests.”

Ashby’s internship is perfect for his future college plans.

“I plan on studying environmental science and genetics in college and ideally I would like to have my own research lab and do genetic research as a career,” Ashby says.

Ashby noted that the internship with the Clinkenbeard Lab has also been a great place to learn about things he was already interested in.

“The lab is part of the Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health,” Ashby says. “The staff looks at avenues of cellular metabolism and osteogenesis with the goal of identifying novel therapeutic avenues for mineral metabolism in bone health in patients that are affected with chronic kidney disease.”

Busy Schedule

Tyler AshbyEven though Ashby is busy with his internship, he still finds time to be involved in several extracurricular activities. All the activities are something he is passionate about and has been able to learn from.

Ashby says he enjoys being on the Academic Super Bowl and playing tennis.

“With tennis, I really enjoy being around friends I’ve made these past few years,” he says.

Ashby is also the student body treasurer.

“I enjoy helping plan activities such as homecoming and the many events that happen during homecoming week,” Ashby says.

Ashby is also involved with the Noblesville High School Symphonic Orchestra.

“With The Symphonic Orchestra, I have enjoyed being with the some of my closest friends that I’ve made over the last six years,” Ashby says.

Ashby has also had a great time being involved with the Noblesville Mayor’s Youth Council, which has given him an opportunity to improve the city of Noblesville.

“I enjoyed working with groups such as Hamilton County Parks, Keep Noblesville Beautiful, Fueled for School and the Noblesville Tree Board in an effort to make my community better,” Ashby says.

“I like downtown Noblesville and places such as Forest Park and Potters Bridge,” he says.Tyler Ashby

Ashby notes that Noblesville has been a great place to live and grow up.

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