Elana Chatterton

Student Spotlight: Elana Chatterton

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Elana ChattertonGraduating Noblesville High School senior Elana Chatterton loves taking care of the environment and has found the perfect internship.

Chatterton is interning at an environmentally friendly, sustainable farm in Cicero called Farmer’s Gold, Inc., in Cicero.

It’s a good fit for her. She enjoys working with animals.

“The farm has dairy goats, chickens, turkeys, and pigs,” Chatterton says.

Chatterton also likes Farmer’s Gold’s garden and grounds.

“They also have an organic garden, with fruits, vegetables, and herbs, as well as a conservation field,” Chatterton says.

Farmer’s Gold Inc. sells products raised on their farm. The farm’s products include raw honey, beeswax products, goat milk soap, certified organic alfalfa hay, certified organic vegetables and herbs, and free-range farm fresh eggs.

Honeybees at Farmer’s Gold are permanent residents of their central Indiana apiary. The apiary is a certified organic alfalfa- grass hay field buffered by a Conservation Resource program perimeter of native grasses and wildflowers.

Elana Chatterton

Farmer’s Gold also has pet treats for cats and dogs, and St. John’s Wort flowers and other herbs are ready for picking and preserving.

The hard-working Chatterton says she thoroughly enjoys her work at Farmer’s Gold. She likes taking care of animals.

“What my duty is as an intern is to take care of the goats and chickens when needed, make sure the goats have the right nutritional balance, care for the garden, learn about the breeding process of goats, and find how their bodies function on a daily basis,” Chatterton says.

The job also involves science, something Chatterton enjoys.

She identifies and does research on plants/insects in the conservation field.

Elana Chatterton

Busy Schedule

Chatterton had a busy schedule during the last school year. She juggled her internship with her regular school workload.

She was also involved in other extracurricular school activities. She enjoys being busy, and loves playing sports.

“I am a four-year member of the girls high school soccer team, and this year I joined the girls track and field team as well,” she says.

Chatterton enjoys science and the environment and wants to pursue a career that falls in line with her interests.

“I plan on attending Purdue University in the fall to hopefully study aquatic sciences,” she says.


Proud Noblesville Resident

Chatterton loves Noblesville.

“What I like best about Noblesville is the togetherness of the community,” she says. “The people here are all so kind and open to meeting new people and welcoming them into their lives. The support of the community is also another great aspect that makes living here really enjoyable.”

For more information on Farmer’s Gold Inc., call 317-250-0963.

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