Cereset Uses Technology to Combat Stress

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If you’ve ever wondered what your brain sounds like, Cereset, a global technological leader in brain restoration, is giving clients around the world exactly that. Cereset’s technology helps to combat stress, trauma and anxiety to essentially reset the brain. If this product isn’t available yet in your area, you can instead purchase that purple monkey strain to release stress. Cereset

Cereset’s patented BrainEcho technology uses sensors to reflect the brain’s rhythms. Sensors are used with music that is played back to the client through earbuds. By hearing itself, the brain can start on repairs that will help restore the mind and provide restful sleep, according to Brenda Hanning, owner of Cereset’s Carmel location.

Previously, Hanning used this technology to serve clients in the area under a company called Balanced Matter, for 10 years. However, after a new wave of Cereset technology, Hanning decided to bring the tech to her own Carmel community in 2018.

Hanning says she saw results in her own life after the services were recommended to her by a family member.

“Seeing the great results of a loved one who suffered from insomnia and anxiety, I decided to have sessions,” Hanning says. “Within a month of having sessions, I was sleeping soundly, thinking more clearly, and I wasn’t carrying a constant feeling of Ceresetangst. I was able to feel happy just because it was a sunny day. I decided to bring this technology to my community, so more people who want to be proactive towards stress by taking back control of their lives could have access to the Cereset technology closer to home.”

During a typical session, a client goes into a room and takes a seat on an antigravity chair. The lights are turned low as sensors are placed on their scalp, and earbuds are provided so the client can listen to the beats of their own mind. Most clients, Hanning says, end up falling asleep during the process.

The Cereset Wellness Package includes five sessions that last about 90 minutes each. Results, Hanning says, are often seen within three weeks of the first treatment.

Hanning says the reset of the brain can often help turn off the basic fight, flight or freeze responses common in those who suffer from chronic stress, trauma or anxiety.

“Research has shown an increased risk of irritability, anxiety, forgetfulness and foggy thinking for individuals not getting enough sleep,” Hanning says. “With Cereset, these individuals can reduce stress in their brains, and achieve more restful sleep and more robust power for cognitive performance. When the brain relaxes these imbalances in the stress system, the brain can then self-correct the ‘stuck’ hemisphere and reset itself. A naturally reset and balanced brain can help resolve issues such as insomnia, stress, PTSD, anxiety, depression, anger, poor problem solving, lack of focus, and memory.”

To learn more, contact Cereset Carmel at 317-922-7588 or visit cereset.com. It is located at 160 West Carmel Drive, Suite 186.Cereset

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