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Mammoth Barber Company Features Beer, High End Products

Shop owner wants everyone to experience a great haircut

Photographer / Kerch Photography 

Marcus McMahon, owner of Mammoth Barber Co., says he wants everyone who stops in his place to kick back, relax, and get the full barber shop experience.

“We feature high end products, free beer, and great tunes of every genre,” McMahon says. “It’s a very relaxed environment where our barbers can flourish in their craft.”

Men are always looking for a barbershop they can count on. They will become repeat customers if they like their haircut, it’s affordable, and they like the staff.

McMahon believes Mammoth, which opened earlier this year, meets all of those requirements, and is unique because of Mammoth employees’ attention to detail.

“Clients will never be rushed out the door,” he says. “We will also be hosting weekly classes for our employees and finding only those who see what we do as art, to be employed.”

McMahon started his barbering career in Fishers, but soon relocated to Austin, Texas.

“I worked at some of the most popular shops there, and truly developed an understanding of how hair works,” McMahon says. “I learned utilizing a head shape to determine the best look for each client individually. When I returned to Indiana, I taught classes at the school I graduated from and worked at some of the more prominent barbershops in Indy, as both a barber and the director of barber education.”

McMahon has been barbering for over seven years, as well as educating for the last four years. He has learned a number of barbering techniques that have transformed his shop appointment book into a thriving list of over 70 clients.

He believes that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.

McMahon noted that his vision at Mammoth “is to provide a service that you can take pride in.” Mammoth specializes in modern and old school barber techniques. McMahon and his staff execute classic styles, progressive styles, and “a few things in between.”

Mammoth’s prices are very reasonable. An individually tailored haircut is $30. A beard shave is $25. A haircut and beard shave, a “wombo combo,” is $45. A “classic and refreshing” shave is $30.

McMahon says he enjoys working in Noblesville and believes it was a very wise choice to open a business in a welcoming environment.

“I chose Noblesville because, first, it’s where I grew up, and second, the lack of modern barbershops in the area,” McMahon says. “I wanted to bring really great hair to Hamilton County.”

He also wanted to bring his “craft, passion, and vision to Noblesville.” McMahon added that Mammoth offers all levels of excellence and wants everyone to experience a great haircut.

McMahon loves Indiana, and truly believes it is a great place to grow up and meet friends.

“I live in Indianapolis with my beautiful wife, Stacie, and our two Schnauzers, Piper and Ponyo,” he says.

Mammoth Barner Co.  is located at 10400 Pleasant St., Unit 190, in Noblesville. For more information, call 317-774-5850 or visit them online at mammothbarberco.com.

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