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It’s About More Than Just the Workout at LivRite Fitness

Writer / Christy Heitger-Ewing
Photography provided by LivRite Fitness & Robby Berry

LivRite FitnessChanging the world is a lofty goal, but it can be done when you start by committing to changing yourself. Greg Lymberopoulos knows this well. In 1982, he opened his first fitness club. Though he liked the business, he also felt his heart being pulled in another direction – Christian ministry. After much prayer and reflection, he sold his clubs and pursued that spiritual calling. In 2004, his two passions were combined in LivRite Fitness  Belleville, Illinois. The journey led to building a new LivRite Fitness, a $6.5 million, state-of-the-art exercise facility in Fishers, IN.

“In short, our mission is to help people live right,” Greg says. “You, individually, are the purpose of our work. Your health, fitness and well-being goals matter most. That’s why when you first step inside our doors, we ask what it is you’re trying to accomplish rather than show you a great facility with state-of-the-art equipment.”

The facility accommodates group fitness classes of all types in two fitness studios. There is also an 87-degree swimming pool for lap swimming and aqua fit classes.

“The temperature provides comfort and therapy for joint pains that come with age,” Greg says.

The club has a sauna, hot tubs and hydromassage beds to provide members with relaxation following workouts. Plus, they have a full-court basketball court for pickup games and tournaments, as well as volleyball and pickleball. They also have a top-of-the-line weight room and cardio equipment, along with a functional training area for boxing and TRX training. There is also an outdoor workout area, and a place for members to run and walk around a pond. In addition, the facility includes conference rooms that hold Bible studies as well as nutrition and fitness seminars.

“You’ll never get bored working out here,” says Michael Lymberopoulos, member representative. “There’s something new every time you work out.” 

Although the facility has much to offer, Greg insists that it’s not the main reason people join.

“People coming together for a common purpose to be healthy and well makes a great community, which will grow friendships beyond LivRite,” Greg says. “We genuinely care about our community. Our focus is to help each individual with their workout journey. We are a fitness center for everybody.”

People can experience a real difference when they see the way the LivRite team cares for their members, calling them by name and engaging with them daily in order to see them grow.

LivRite Fitness

Michael maintains that the staff members take great pride in providing not only a high-level fitness facility, but also a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere for members.

“We play Christian music in the background,” he says. “It’s definitely a good place for people to reflect and get a good workout in.”

All new members are offered a free fitness assessment. Those who elect to get paired with a trainer can sign up for three months, eight months or one year, then extend that plan if they choose. The LivRite team always offers a sincere smile, an encouraging voice and a commitment to care. There are even inspirational quotes, messages and art on a whiteboard near the front desk, so they are the first things guests see when they enter. The fitness trainers love helping members stay consistent with their fitness regimens so that they can reach their fullest potential. 

“People have a hard time staying on track, but trainers hold you accountable, motivate and educate you,” says Rebecca Elliott, a trainer who provides positive feedback to her clients by reminding them of what they can do rather than focusing on what they can’t. 

“A lot of people show up and say, ‘I can’t do this. I’m not strong. I’m not coordinated,’” Elliott says. “I tell them, ‘I think you’ll be surprised. Look at what you just did. Did you ever think that you could lift that much weight, do that many squats or run that far?’”

On the flip side, Elliott is equally inspired by her clients, having watched them overcome all sorts of hardships including surgeries, injuries and illnesses. Their commitment to change can’t help but inspire.

LivRite Fitness“Some of them work out really early in the morning,” Elliott says. “I don’t know how they do it. I have a client who started changing nutrition hard core and has had great results. She shared her tips with me, and I’ve started following her regimen. I’m not here to tell my clients what to do. We work together as a team.”

The staff enjoyed a great reception at their grand opening in January of 2020 before COVID-related shutdowns caused them to close for three months. While many businesses struggled to survive, LivRite Fitness reopened in May of 2020 and thrived.

“It felt next to impossible for us to recover and yet we came back stronger than ever,” Greg says, noting that the LivRite team has plans to franchise in the future. “I give all the glory for our success to the Lord Jesus Christ. His faithfulness allowed us to help so many people during an exceedingly difficult period of time. Our diligent and caring staff worked to ensure that each member was cared for, which is the heart of LivRite.”

LivRite Fitness is located at 13454 Parkside Drive in Fishers. They also have locations in Anderson and Indianapolis. For more information, call 317-764-2897 or visit

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