Koko FitClub: Fit & Figured Out

Meghann Wilson and Meredith Smith discuss business at the new Carmel Koko FitClub. (Photo by Kathi Moore)

One of the first things you see as you enter Koko FitClub is a framed sign, “In a gym, this is where the mirror would go,” and you realize there really are no mirrors anywhere. And, no clanging free weights. And, no sweaty machines, no pool, no saunas.

Koko FitClub has effectively removed all those intimidating things of “normal” health clubs, and concentrates instead on the things you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

“Koko Smartraining is customized, efficient and convenient,” says Meghann Wilson, 27, who, with business partner Chintu Patel, has opened three Koko FitClub locations on Indy’s northside since July, 2012 – in Noblesville, Fishers and now, Carmel.

“Everything is set up with your Koko Key so the machine gives you custom settings and workouts based on your goals, range of motion and current fitness level,” added Wilson. “You keep a steady pace from exercise to exercise with no wait time, so you get the benefits of a 90-minute workout in just 30 minutes.”

Owner Meghann Wilson demonstrated the pull-down machine. (photos by Kathi Moore)

The program is nearly flawless. Each time a member goes to the club, they do a different workout; the one machine they work on can facilitate more than 100 exercises. For cardio, treadmills and ellipticals have their own 15 programs, where a world-class trainer literally walks members through each workout via MP3 player.

New programs are introduced seasonally and are said to provide twice the calorie burn of traditional cardio in just 15 minutes. Members have their own web page to track progress and gain nutritional assistance based on personal goals of weight loss, strength training, a maintenance “protection” plan, as well as specific programs for those suffering from arthritis, back pain, diabetes, men’s health or recovery from breast cancer.

Points are earned as workouts are completed and members receive recognition and prizes as they progress toward their goals. Each machine has a screen to guide the user through their workout, including a pace bar that keeps you moving at optimal speed (no more crashing weights.) It appears foolproof; you must do each exercise properly and in a timely manner, and everything else is digitally tracked for you to see your progress, which of course, is motivating.

Wilson said she was drawn to this franchise for many reasons. Like many girls, she struggled with her body, though she was a high school athlete. In college she dated a football player (now a CFL player) who introduced her to good workouts and she eventually became his trainer. Her parents, long-time Subway franchisers, encouraged her to make the leap into ownership, introducing her to Patel, the financial end of the business. Their goal is to develop the market into 10+ locations, including downtown Indianapolis.

“The biggest challenge,” explained Wilson, “is educating people about our program and how different and effective it is. We don’t measure success by weight loss. At Koko, you’ll focus on strength and health from the inside out, burning fat, measuring strength gains and increasing lean muscle levels.”

And, that starts with the name. Koko is a Japanese word meaning one-by-one. For more information visit www.kokofitclub.com.

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  1. Donald says:

    KoKo is great, been a member for 2 months. It is better than I expected and better than anything out there.

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