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homesEveryone has a different definition of tidy for their home. We often get so comfortable in our homes that we can’t see the forest for the trees. That is until the closet contents fall out on us like a busted can of biscuits. Ok so maybe that’s a bit extreme but there are easy ways to keep our homes orderly throughout the year. Remember that organized homes require maintenance.

As you browse items in your home, here’s a few ideas to help keep you on track:

1) When was the last time I used this item? If not in the past year, I may need to consider re-homing it.

2) Am I keeping this item because it cost a lot of money?

3) Do I have a similar item serving the same purpose?

4) Is this item sentimental or something that makes me happy?

5) Am I keeping this item out of obligation?

homes6) This item is broken. Am I realistically going to fix it and if so, would it be worth the cost of the repair and/or time?

7) If I were in a store right now and saw this, would I want to buy it?

8) Am I saving this item “Just in case?”

9) Does this item suit my style and home?

10) If I removed this item, could it free up space for something else that would better serve me?

When you think about decluttering your home, it can feel overwhelming at first. Enlist help if needed or go slow and tackle a few items a day. The goal is to have breathing room and simplicity in your home. Organizing and decluttering are a way of life, not a once and done task. For more tips like these, you can visit me on Instagram or Facebook at Unraveled. Mindful Organizing. Happy New Year!

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