Paul Arechiga, the owner of Casa Santa Restaurant in Noblesville. (Photos by Sarah Browning)

Casa Santa Restaurant Owners Treat Patrons Like Their Own

Imagine going to the same charming, local restaurant every night of the week and having a completely different experience each time you go. Visualize a diverse menu with handcrafted margaritas and coveted family recipes, ranging from oysters to enchiladas.

Casa Santa Restaurant in Noblesville is not your everyday let’s-grab-a-taco-and-run kind of restaurant. It place provides a folkloric experience from start to finish – a place that demands a bit of time spent with family and a moment to relax.

The building is divided into many rooms, each telling a story of its own, with color to narrate the story of Mexico. You might just sit back and enjoy the inviting beauty of each room, or you could start a conversation with the staff and they will paint for you a verbal portrait of exactly what each room illustrates. It will have something to do with a family of brothers, a mother and a father, all of whom came over from Mexico 21 years ago, and how each of them brought a special piece of the country with them. The fuchsia-colored room is a reminder of the owners’ mother – her gentle spirit and grace. The green room with a decorative tree in the middle is reminiscent of nature and agriculture, hope and good fortune. Each room shows the important role of color in Mexican culture, and a bit of this family’s journey sprinkled in with it.

Grab a menu and you might be surprised at the options that aren’t typical of a traditional Mexican restaurant. “Mexico is located between two oceans,” says Paul Arechiga, the owner. “When you come to Casa Santa we want you to experience how versatile Mexican food can be.”

From oysters Rockefeller to enchiladas to the rich ceviche, one can experience delicacies that encompass the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Start and finish your meal with a handcrafted cocktail, made with homemade syrups and fine liquor. Arechiga describes his staff as “talented creatives crafting different cocktails to go with different foods. The customers dictate what we carry. If a seasonal drink is in demand, then it becomes a staple.”

If you get lucky, you just might get yours served in an iconic Clase Azul goblet, made right there at the restaurant. They also serve mocktails.

This family owns several restaurants all over Indianapolis and its suburbs. You may have visited Verdé in Carmel or Fishers.

“The best part of owning a restaurant is getting to watch from behind the bar – people laughing and celebrating together, and special moments lived out right in front of us,” Arechiga says. “This restaurant is our passion, our way of life.”

The brothers, as well as their mother and father, have vital roles related to the success of the business. Arechiga is the business mind who works with new developers and on the investment side. His brothers stay just as busy – Carlos’s specialty is design, menu, social media and everything related to the arts, Oswoldo is the chef, bringing new and delicious recipes, and Abraham works in food distribution. Their parents have strong roles and lend emotional support, which is vital to the success of the business.

“The more we grow, the more we realize how important time spent with family is,” Arechiga says.

Casa Santa is located at 13521 Tegler Drive in Noblesville. Call 317-764-2354 for more info.

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  1. Delores Robinson says:

    Can’t Wait To Come Bring Family & Friends To This Elegant & Awesome Restaurant!!!!

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