11 Ways You Can Support Noblesville Businesses Right Now

All of our lives have changed in various ways over the past few months. Whether your day-to-day life is confined to your home or your job has changed significantly, we’re all in this together. As an integral part of the Noblesville community, our small businesses continue to depend on our support right now. Here are some practical ways you can continue to ensure their success and our community’s vibrancy.


1. SHOP LOCAL, FIRST – As you probably know, many restaurants are offering delivery and curbside options right now. There are also other businesses offering these same services — clothing stores, game shops, and even flower shops. Check out ww.noblesvillechamber.com

2. GO SOCIAL – Social media plays a big role in supporting local businesses. Take five minutes each day to share a post about one your favorite small businesses.  Don’t forget to tag #LOVEHC & #Noblesville and follow the Chamber on Facebook & Twitter

3. GRAB A GIFT – Purchase gift cards now from your favorite stores and use them later.

4. ENGAGE IN NEW WAYS – Many businesses have shifted in-person services to online services, including yoga studios, therapists, tutors, and financial planners. You can still take advantage of these businesses’ services via virtual meeting software like Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. Have a look at the latest audio visual solutions provided by AVEX.

5. TIP BIG – If you have the means, make sure to give generous tips to service workers.

6. SHARE YOUR TALENTS – Do you have ideas for local businesses? Consider lending some creative brainstorming to friends with businesses or even better — lend your skills: graphic design, website and social media help, or even good old fashioned word-of-mouth recommendations.

7. KEEP THE CHANGE – Was a class or workshop you had recently paid for canceled? Consider telling the business to keep the registration fee as a donation.

8. USE WHAT YOU NEED, SHARE WHAT YOU CANIf you have purchased extra toilet paper or hand sanitizer, consider giving some to one of the businesses you think might need it.

9. STAY CONNECTED – Continue to pay for memberships, subscriptions, or other services that aren’t able to function traditionally.

10. KEEP IT CLEANUse credit cards instead of cash. That twenty-dollar bill in your wallet has passed through dozens of hands. Instead, use your debit or credit card to minimize germ exposure.

11. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF   If you’re feeling sick, stay home. Don’t risk potentially infecting others. Call on some friends or family members to bring you food or groceries instead.

Noblesville is a strong community. By doing your part to stay safe and healthy, you are helping your neighbors and family members to stay healthy as well.

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