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Quick’s Lanes in Plymouth Is Looking for a Buyer

Writer / Angela Cornell
Photography Provided

Quick’s LanesBowling has a long and rich history that dates back to at least 3000 B.C. The most modern version of the game, ninepins,” started becoming popular in the mid-1800s. However, it wasnt until after the formation of the American Bowling Congress in 1895 that the game began to develop some standardization. After the Brunswick Corporation began creating bowling equipment in 1914, the game truly started gaining popularity. This continued until pinspotter technology, which streamlined the process of setting up pins, was developed in 1951. That ushered in the golden age of bowling. 

According to bowl.com, more than 67 million people bowl every year and 1.2 million compete regularly in leagues in the U.S. Regardless of that fact, the sport is in decline. A USA Today article states that from 1998 to 2013, the number of bowling alleys in the U.S. declined by 26%. Of course, the pandemic has done the industry no favors. The bowling alleys that still exist hold to the proud tradition of bowling.

Tim Quick, the owner of Quicks Lanes in Plymouth, learned the business from his father, who owned and operated a bowling alley in Rochester. My dad put up the first center down in that area in 51 or 52,” he says. “So from 10 years old and on, I was hanging around, doing things and learning, as well as my other two brothers – learning how to work on things.”

He has several fond memories of growing up around the business, including watching as his dads bowling alley was updated with innovative technology. He started with pin boys and then went to automatics in 58,” Quick says. “Then we updated the machine to underground in 1960. Its faster as far as ball return and stuff like that. It revolutionized things.”

Quick’s LanesAfter watching generations of bowlers come and go for birthday parties, graduation celebrations, Friday night gatherings and other events through the last 50 years, Quick has known for a while that its time to pass the baton and begin retirement. As much as he wants the building to continue as a bowling facility, a big-box store corporation has offered to purchase the property. Although its a sound business deal, it will leave a gap in the community. I dont think theyre planning on keeping the building,” Quick says. “Theyll buy it and rejuvenate the area for their purposes.”

Quick would much prefer finding someone local to take over the business. Being in bowling for that many years – watching all the families come in for birthday parties and groups, getting calls from the Boys & Girls Club wanting to do an outing, after-proms – its a unique community thing,” Quick says. I am desperate to find the alternative, which is someone else to run it.” 

His ideal candidate would be someone able to revive the business model. Someone else whos intrigued by it, or a business person who wants to expand their horizons, or is a community-minded person that wants to get into the grassroots,” Quick says.

The facility comes with a small bowling equipment shop, a bar and a food license, along with 18 lanes. The lanes themselves have also been replaced, and several other improvements have been made in recent years. Were constantly investing in the building,” Quick says. He would also be willing to stay on in order to help during the transition, as well as teach the new owner machine maintenance.  

If the Quicks Lanes legacy is going to remain, Quick has to find a buyer for the bowling alley as soon as possible. It is located at 1024 West Jefferson Street in Plymouth, and can be reached at 574-936-3633. To keep up with the latest on this bowling alley, follow them on Facebook.

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