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Local Organization is Bringing People Together Through Community Initiatives

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Megan Dinse of One Warsaw says the local organization strives to make sure everyone in the community feels included.One Warsaw

She stressed that One Warsaw is a non-profit organization that focuses on connecting and sharing ideas, events and diversity initiatives in the community that bring everyone together.

The goal of the Warsaw-based organization is to make everyone feel welcome and heard. One Warsaw also offers fun events that inspire and motivate people.

“One Warsaw aims to provide a sense of inclusion for all residents of our community,” Dinse says. “We celebrate by hosting events that focus on diversity, including our annual Celebrating Us and Juneteenth events. We educate and support diverse cultures through social media posts and by partnering with local organizations that provide opportunities for targeted populations.”

People involved with One Warsaw connect with those in the community and share events they are passionate about.

Volunteers at One Warsaw work together on events with organizations to support, educate and celebrate everyone.

“Once a year, our Celebrating Us event is a main event in downtown Warsaw with several different organizations who do positive things in the area to show inclusion and bring people together to celebrate,” Dinse says. “There are a lot of different organizations, ethnicities and cultures that make each community special.”

Dinse added that it’s important to celebrate everyone in the Warsaw community.

“We are diverse, marginalized, population, and It’s important to recognize that,” Dinse says. “People see that other adults have the same open mindedness and respect. We have a great community of individuals, and One Warsaw has been a great way to highlight that. It’s also a great way to meet new friends and participate in a positive event.”

Dinse was inspired by the number of people who turned out for Celebrating Us.

One Warsaw“We had a great turnout of participants and guests at the last one,” Dinse says. “Sometimes it can take a while to get all the different sponsors we need, but they showed up. It takes a lot of planning. We were lucky at the last event because we were able to get 40 different booths. We were able to get a lot of help, and that was wonderful. The hard work that everyone put in to make the event a success paid off. People told us they had a good time, especially after not being able to have the event in 2020 because of COVID-19.”

Dinse notes that the positive work could not be done without the valuable help of excellent volunteers.

“All One Warsaw members are volunteers,” Dinse says. “We meet monthly to collaborate on events and discuss new opportunities and ways to reach our community.”

One Warsaw Motivates Participants

Dinse says she has derived a lot of personal satisfaction out of the organization.

“I like knowing there are other people in my community who are passionate about inclusivity in the town of Warsaw,” Dinse says. “One Warsaw members believe that all people matter. It is motivating and encouraging to be surrounded by others with a similar mindset who want to make an impact.”

Dinse encourages many people in the community to get involved. She is always looking to meet new faces.

“We have open positions on the board,” Dinse says. “It’s always nice to get more people involved in all of the great work that we do.”

Dinse is excited about the future and getting more people involved.

“Our board meetings are open to the public,” Dinse says. “We typically meet the second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. We can be reached through the ‘contact’ link on our website at or by messaging our Facebook page, One Warsaw-Celebrating Us. We are always looking for volunteers or sponsors to help with our events.”

Dinse notes that there is plenty of fun work to be done at One Warsaw.

“If you are passionate about inclusivity and making a difference in our community, we have open spots on our Board. You can apply for a position on our website through the ‘Board Interest Form’ link,” she says.

One WarsawYou can reach One Warsaw by visiting their website at, by messaging their Facebook page (One Warsaw-Celebrating Us) or by emailing directly at

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