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Mullet’s Fencing & Supplies Specializes In All Manner of Fence Styles

Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

As far as human inventions go, the fence is one of the oldest and most versatile. One of the oldest fencing systems known to mankind was created from fieldstones and logs by the Celts in Great Britain nearly 5,000 years ago. The purpose is still relatable, even today – to mark boundaries between fields. This goes to show that some things never change, even if the materials used and the ways fences are installed have changed.

Mullet’s Fencing & Supplies, LLC in Plymouth has been building commercial, residential and agriculture fences in the area for more than 30 years. The original owner, Ken Mullet, opened the business in 1986 and then sold it to pursue another business venture, Northern Indiana Axle in Nappanee.

Throughout the next few years, Mullet’s changed hands a few times. Eventually Mullet himself approached some personal friends and asked them to consider buying it.

“He just said that us boys would do good with it,” says Jerad Borkholder, a current co-owner. “He really had a longing for someone to take it and keep it going, and to make something out of it. That’s what happened. We ended up investing in it.”

It proved to be a good investment for Borkholder and his brothers, and an opportunity for which they are still thankful to Mullet.

“It’s unique that Ken got us boys into it – he kind of pressured Reuben, David and me into buying it,” Borkholder says.

In time, a couple friends joined the brothers in the business. Together, they have endeavored to take the business to new heights.

“We were looking to improve it and that’s where we tried to gain efficiency,” Borkholder says. “My goal, with me buying into the business, is to be an asset to the community.

To that end, the staff tries to keep all their business in the area.

Mullet’s offers a wide range of fencing styles, from residential chain link and decorative fencing to farm enclosures, and from commercial fencing to privacy fences. The materials they use are extremely varied. Customers can choose between wood, wire, metal and vinyl. The company also utilizes recycled railroad ties and oil piping when customers are looking for a style of fencing that incorporates those materials.

Not only are these materials varied enough to meet just about any fencing need, they are also durable.

“We have 30-year warranties on pretty much all of our products,” Borkholder says.

From the moment that a potential customer reaches out to Mullet’s about installing a fence, the staff is focused on a quality experience for the client. After that initial contact, Dwight Borkholder meets with the client to inspect the build area and offer a free quote.

“You tell Dwight how you want it, what you want to see, what kind of fence you want and what you’re trying to accomplish with the fence – holding animals or ponies, or if it’s decorative,” Borkholder says. “After that, it’s a matter of scheduling the Mullet’s Fencing & Supplies team to come out and install the fence. If you’re OK with the quote, we’ll be out in two or three weeks.”

Service is not the only thing that Mullet’s offers. The business sells fencing parts and materials for DIYers, equine and bovine equipment, and a feed line for pets and farm animals. They also have fence installation equipment to rent.

Ultimately, Borkholder’s favorite parts of the business are the interpersonal aspects and being able to fulfill the needs of customers.

“I love the retail side of it,” he adds.

“Knowing you have a good product and knowing that the guys do a good job on installation – that itself makes it very fun.”

Mullet’s Fencing & Supplies is located at 6223 8th Road in Plymouth. To learn more about the company and the kinds of fencing offered, check out their web site at mulletsfencingllc.com. You can also call them at 574-354-0803. To schedule a time to get a free quote for your fencing project, contact Dwight at 574-536-5418.

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