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Milford Animal Clinic

Milford Animal Clinic Offers Range of Services for Small & Large Animals

Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

Milford Animal ClinicMilford Animal Clinic has a 102-year tradition of providing medical care for animals both locally and in the surrounding communities. For much of its history, the practice was exclusively devoted to large animals, but in recent times clinic leaders have embraced the care of small animals. Today the clinic has expanded to include three doctors of veterinary medicine, five registered veterinary technicians, six veterinary assistants, and an office staff of five.

“We are a true mixed practice,” says Dr. Tom Smith, clinic owner. “The small animals are mostly dogs and cats but we also have a few small mammal patients such as guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets. Our large animal patients include horses, cattle, sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas and white-tailed deer.”

Smith began working at the clinic in 2001 after graduating from Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Originally from Cassopolis, Michigan, he became familiar with the local area when he spent time as a student working at the Round Barn Theatre at Amish Acres in Nappanee. He took over the ownership of Milford Animal Clinic in 2008, and currently lives in Milford. He and his wife Janelle have five children – Braden, Abby, Levi, David and Benjamin. The family maintains a small farm where they raise sheep.

“I grew up on a farm and I’ve always loved working with animals,” Smith says. “My parents gave us the freedom to have lots of different species. Through 4-H projects I was able to raise cows, pigs and sheep. I got my love of animals from my farmer dad and my medical side came from my mom, who was a nurse.”

Milford Animal Clinic

The clinic offers a large variety of services that span the needs of animals over their lifetime. The clinic’s wellness programs include immunizations, small animal radiology, isolation hospitalization, pain management and microchipping. The clinic performs surgery for both large and small animals, as well as in-house lab services and euthanasia. The clinic includes a pharmacy within the office, and the staff can perform off-site inspections of kennels to fulfill federal requirements.

“Besides vaccinations, we also do lots of dental work with dogs and cats these days,” Smith says of the clinic’s small-animal practice. “People are more aware of taking care of pets’ dental health. For large-animal health, we make a plan that fits the goals of each specific herd and farm. A closed herd may only need protection against mosquitos, but horses that are shown have contact with other animals and require different protection.”

At Milford Animal Clinic, a doctor is always on call. Services for all species are offered 24 hours per day.

“I really enjoy working with animals,” Smith says. “I get to see a large variety of different species every day, and every day is different.”

Milford Animal Clinic is located at 913 North Higbee Street in Milford. Visit milfordanimalclinic.com and call 574-658-4126 for more info.

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