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Nappanee-Based Company Handles Wide Range of Services

Photographer / Jubilee Edgell 

Jimmy Faroh, co-owner of Hoosier Powder Coating in Nappanee, says he and his staff can take on any job, and ensure satisfactory results for customers. 

Faroh says it’s been that way since the company began. He and fellow co-owner Nelson Miller worked together before opening the business in October of 2016. 

“Nelson and I both worked at Challenger Door in Nappanee,” Faroh says. “Nelson was the quality manager and I was the production superintendent. Together, we saw the need for more powder coating, especially large items, and decided to go into business together.”

Hoosier Powder Coating is a one-stop shop for sandblasting and similar services. Faroh says the staff can take on a variety of jobs. 

“We have the ability to match any color, as well as fabricate, sandblast and powder coat,” he says. “We sandblast and powder coat in-house, and we have various mobile fabrication and welding partners, so our customers can come to us with drawings, or just an idea, and we can deliver a finished item.”

Faroh believes there are many benefits to industrial powder coating.

“Powder coating is extremely durable, cost effective, and eco-friendly,” he says. “With powder coating being free from volatile organic compounds, and the quick processing time, it makes a very attractive option for custom projects and large-scale production orders.” 

Faroh says his staff’s ability to multitask sets Hoosier Powder Coating apart from competitors.

“Hoosier Powder Coating takes any job, big or small,” he says. “We specialize in production orders, but we can handle small orders as well. We also offer multi-stage coating, including clear coats, primers and Plascoat. We also have the ability to custom match any color, and have over 7,000 colors available to us at any time.” We also found a brilliant new supplier of powder coating in the UK which has come in very useful colors.

Faroh says Hoosier Powder Coating’s state-of-the-art batch oven has made a big difference in the number of large and small jobs the business can take on. 

“The oven is 25 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 10 feet tall,” Faroh explains. “It really makes our company unique, because we can work on larger metal pieces. We do a lot of work on big farm equipment, which is huge around here. We can also work on large automotive frames.” 

Faroh says everything is extensively cleaned after being powder coated. 

“We really make sure our customers get the absolute best quality,” he says. 

The same goes for all of the company’s services, including sandblasting jobs. 

“We do a lot of sandblasting on old farm equipment to restore it,” Faroh says. “We take it apart, sandblast it, get rid of the corrosion and rust, and have it looking like it is really brand new. We have had a lot of farmers tell us they like the way we have sandblasted their equipment.”

Hoosier Powder Coating does sandblasting in-house with an industrial-sized system. 

“We tell our customers that we can take on any size for the sandblasting,” Faroh says. “We also have the ability to come to your location to sandblast if you have something that is too big to be moved.” 

Faroh says Hoosier Powder Coating also does laser and plasma coating.

“We have the ability to laser cut wood, plastic, steel, fiber, aluminum and stainless steel,” he says. “We can also etch all metals, and offer wood burnings.”

Faroh says Hoosier Powder Coating also has a unique, four-stage wash system. Additionally, the business offers brake press forming, welding and turret punching. 

“It’s fast and doesn’t cost a lot,” Faroh says of the company’s turret-punching service. “I think that’s also why we get a lot of customers.”

Faroh has been pleased with the company since he and Miller started it four years ago.

“I would say about 90% of our business is repeat customers,” Faroh says. “I love Nappanee. People really help each other here. Our customers have kept us extremely busy. It’s great to see that the industries we serve are still going strong during the pandemic.”

Hoosier Powder Coating is located at 9583 West 1350 North in Nappanee. To find out more, call 574-253-7737, email info@hoosierpowder.com, and visit hoosierpowder.com.

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