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Quality is Paramount for Shipshewana-Based Company

Photography Provided

Daryl and Earl Hershberger, co-owners of Clearview Routing, LLC in Shipshewana, are known for doing a variety of high-quality work. 

“We are a family-owned and -operated business that does a variety of things,” Daryl says. “We use a three-axis CNC machine to cut parts for ourselves, and also parts for other businesses. Some of the things we manufacture are polymer buggy parts and polycarbonate windshields.”

Three-axis CNC machining is one of the most popular and widely used processes, and it has helped Daryl and Earl expand their business. 

Daryl says Clearview Routing is known for its excellent product manufacturing.

“Among the products we manufacture for other people is acrylic cashier shields,” Daryl says. “To build these, we have the ability to bend the acrylic.” 

Making high-quality signs is another popular service offered by Clearview Routing. 

“We also make signs using polymer sheet that is two-colored,” Daryl says. “We route through the outside skin to expose the core color. These signs last much longer than your vinyl signage.”

Daryl says he and Earl started the business because of the demand for quality work on buggies.

“Clearview was started to meet the demand for a durable, clear windshield for our buggies,” Daryl says. “To build these windshields, we have the ability to glue polycarbonate. The second major product to join us is our sign division. We want to thank Wingard’s Custom Plastics for selling us that.”

The Hershberger brothers’ work has earned them a loyal customer base that continues to take advantage of their quality services. They have expanded their customer base through positive word of mouth and attention to detail. Buggy parts and signs have both been mainstays for the business. 

“Our main consistent product would be the buggy parts, followed by our custom signs,” Daryl says. “I enjoy all the parts that I make.” 

Daryl says he and Earl know how to prioritize their work. It’s a business strategy that has worked for them consistently since they opened in January of 2016. 

“We try to give parts for other builders the first priority, and use the signs to fill in the gaps,” Daryl says. “Lead times can vary. Most of the time parts can be made in a week, and signs can take a week to three weeks maximum.”

The signs provide a way to showcase Daryl and Earl’s quality workmanship.

The brothers’ reputation for excellence has grown beyond the Hoosier state.

“We supply the buggy industry not only in Indiana, but also nationwide,” Daryl says. 

Doing work for businesses in other states has enabled Daryl and Earl to continue growing their company. It’s also given them the motivation to meet new customers and keep the company moving in the right direction.  

Daryl says walk-in business at Clearview Routing is both welcomed and encouraged.

“I like all my customers, but we do mostly wholesale business so a lot of our orders are done by phone or fax, including signs,” Daryl says. “Customers are always able to stop in to also place an order.” 

Daryl says the coronavirus pandemic has led to increased business for Clearview Routing.

“COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our business,” he says. “It created the opportunity to build acrylic cashier shields. Most of these went to Harbor Freight and PetSmart stores through a retail supply company called Vista Retail Solutions.” 

Daryl enjoys working with his family.

“My wife Miriam helps out a lot in the shop,” he says. “She takes care of a lot of the windshield cleaning, and also some of the shipping and office work. We have been blessed with four children. We have two boys and two girls. The boys are the oldest. They are ages eight and six years old. They also help us out a lot by building boxes when we need help with packaging.” 

Clearview Routing is located at 7205 North 675 West in Shipshewana. For more info, call 260-350-3506, or email darylcvr@gmail.com.

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