Goshen-Based Business Helps You Turn Honey-Do Projects to Honey-Done

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Owning a home can be a huge blessing. The property can be an asset to the investment portfolio and on tax records. It’s an excellent way to build credit, and mortgage payments are cheaper than renting. Plus, you can make any changes you want, whether that is repainting the living room or knocking down a wall to expand a bedroom. There are a few “cons,” though. For instance, the honey-do list — cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, interior decorating — never seems to end. 

Fortunately, Checkerberry Rentals, a Goshen-based business, exists to help turn the honey-dos into a honey-done projects.

Lyndon Yoder, the owner of Checkerberry Rentals, has a wide variety of equipment in his shop. 

“I like to have stuff that people can’t borrow from their neighbors,” he says. 

Most of the items he rents appeals to the country homeowner. 

“The type I went after is the homeowner who lives on three to five acres,” Yoder says. “He wants to take down that big tree. He doesn’t have a chainsaw, so he comes to me and rents mine.” 

He also has machines like a log splitter a driveway grader, a concrete saw, a tractor and more.

One of his most popular set of products is lawn laying equipment. 

“If someone puts up a new house or a barn or whatever, and they want to put in a new lawn, I have the equipment to do that,” he adds. “That is definitely my main product.”

Another frequently rented item is a walk-behind garden tiller that comes with three attachments. One of those is a plow. 

“That works good for raised beds, so many people have called me for that,” he says. “Or just generally plowing the garden.”

Yoder also has a sickle bar mower attachment for it, which is perfect for mowing large pastures.

Not only does Yoder have machines to get jobs done on the back forty, but he also has equipment for around-the-house projects.

“I have a power washer if the house is dirty or you want to power wash the deck,” he says. “I also have an attachment for the power washer to clean out the gutters.”

Inside the house, he has tools for cutting and installing decorative trimming. 

As his business grows, Yoder buys machines that are requested by his customers. 

“Slowly, my rental is growing. As I rent stuff out, I can purchase more items,” he says. 

“People call and they say, ‘Hey, do you have so-and-so?’ and it gives me an idea about what to purchase next.”

Often, Yoder will purchase brand new equipment, something his customers appreciate. 

“There are no mechanical issues for the most part,” he says. “They get it, it works, and they can do what they need to and get it back again.”

When Yoder gets a call from a customer, his first question is about scheduling. 

“People will call me and tell me kind of when they want to use an item, then I’ll check my schedule and see if they can have it,” Yoder says. 

Even when a customer needs equipment in a matter of days, Yoder does his best to accommodate. 

Occasionally, Yoder’s schedule won’t permit him to deliver the machines the day his client requested it, so he will drop it off the day before it’s needed. 

“Then they can start using it whenever works best for them,” Yoder says.

Even though Checkerberry Rentals has only been open for a little over a year, Yoder’s service area has expanded to fill a 23-mile radius. 

“Most of [my business] is within 10 miles, but I do have some that’s outside that range,” he says. “I deliver anywhere, whatever they want.”

For Yoder, Checkerberry Rentals gives him an opportunity to develop relationships, whether that’s with customers or with his family. 

“I like the interactions with different people. Sometimes I’ll go out and help deliver and we get to know each other,” he says. “Another thing I like is that I can be at home. I can do my mechanical work at home, and I can be at home with my family.”

Checkerberry Rentals is located at 62644 County Rd. 37, Goshen. For a full list of equipment at competitive prices, call this Amish business at (574) 642-0236.

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