Caudill Services Handles a Variety of Excavation and Cleanup Jobs

Photographer / Elizabeth Hubbard

Paul Caudill, owner of Caudill Services with his wife Angie, truly enjoys his job. He is living the American dream of owning his own business, and he got to this point through faith, hard work and diligence. Located in Rochester, Caudill’s family-owned trucking and excavating business serves a wide area including several neighboring counties. If you want to be a truck driver of such companies, you can try to look for vacancies on sites such as Philadelphia trucking companies.

Caudill Services specializes in truck and excavating jobs, both in rural areas and within towns. The business’s vehicles can haul sandstone, topsoil, dirt and grain. Known for excavation and demolition cleanup, the company can haul away debris from torn-down buildings as well as fallen trees. Additionally, the staff digs out basements, sewer lines and water lines, and can also handle drainage work. On farmland in surrounding counties, they are able to help farmers by clearing land of trees and fence rows.

“I grew up with a basic knowledge of farming equipment and I have always enjoyed running equipment,” Paul Caudill says. “I cut my teeth on it. One of my dad’s jobs was doing excavation work. I remember sitting on his lap while he ran a machine. That’s where I got the enjoyment for it.”

Caudill is originally from Peru and Angie is from Akron. He was brought to Rochester through his job with a trucking company. Angie previously worked in the shipping department of a local factory, and the couple met when Caudill came into Angie’s office with some paperwork. After they got married, each continued to work at their respective jobs, while the idea of owning their own trucking and excavating company began to develop.

“In 2004 we decided to go for it and pursue going out on our own,” Caudill says. “My biggest surprise was how hard it was to get started. I kept working full time at the job I had at the time, and after hours I worked for my own business. At that time, there was no way I could walk away from a full-time paycheck.”

Caudill says he initially rented the equipment that he used to complete jobs.

“Slowly, we built a good reputation and customer base until I could buy my first backhoe in 2008,” he says. “Finally, in 2012, we reached the point where we were busy enough for me to quit my full-time job. I remember telling Angie, ‘This is killing me, I can’t do both.’ Still, it was a scary leap.”

Today, Angie runs the office and Caudill, along with two other company operators, handles the vehicles. Caudill Services maintains five pieces of excavation equipment, two semi-tractor-trailer trucks and a dump truck. Caudill has a commercial driver’s license and holds a septic license, as well as other necessary licenses for his areas of specialization for his work in Miami, Fulton and Marshall counties. The company does other excavation and trucking jobs in most surrounding counties including Knox, Kosciusko, Wabash, Cass and Elkhart.

“We have been busier than ever since COVID-19 hit,” Caudill says. “Now, a lot of people have the time at home to think. They are saying, ‘I want to do this – let’s do it.’”

Regarding the future of his company, Caudill is hopeful that some day his children might find themselves wanting to become involved. His son, who is now 10 years old, started helping Caudill at the business when he was five, and the couple also has a 15-year-old daughter who occasionally helps Angie out in the office. Caudill is currently seeking his daughter’s advice about online social media platforms for getting the word out about the business.

“For the most part, I enjoy all of the business,” Caudill says. “We are a small, family-owned business based on our Christian faith. Our faith is so important to us in running this business.”

Caudill Services is located in Rochester at 6786 North 250 West. Call them at 574-835-0387 for more information.

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