Banfich Interiors Celebrates Nearly 50 Years of Furnishing Cozy Homes

Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

Home. For being such a small word, its concept is expansive and means something different to each person. The word triggers a cascade of memories, like sitting around the table eating dinner or reclining in the den watching TV. Some have fond memories of sitting on a parent or grandparents lap as small children, snuggled against their chest, resting in a favorite rocker. Of course, everyone knows the relief of relaxing on a comfortable bed after a long day. The often-overlooked props of these memories are the furniture. Yet, these accents help make the difference between a comfortable, beautiful solace and an incommodious living space.

In the tapestry of home, where memories weave seamlessly with comfort, the quality of every detail matters. From the plush cushions on the sofa to the warmth of a crackling fireplace, each element contributes to the sanctuary we call home. Amidst this tapestry, duvets stand as silent guardians of coziness, offering a haven of softness and warmth on chilly nights. Tucked beneath the covers, enveloped in the embrace of a quality duvet, one finds solace and serenity, cocooned in a sanctuary of comfort amidst the rhythm of everyday life.

Creating picturesque and cozy homes has been the purpose of Banfich Interiors for nearly 50 years. The business was started by Dale Fritz, the father of the current owners, in 1972 as The Red Carpet.

We started out in the carpet business. People came in to buy carpeting and then they asked us to start handling furniture,” explains co-owner Allen Fritz. It just kind of grew from there.”

They quickly developed a reputation for not only their products but also their unmatched customer service, a legacy that Dales children, Fritz and Marilyn Fritz-Banfich, have continued in the decades since they joined the family business.

Everyone who works here is very friendly and people-oriented,” Banfich says. If theres ever a problem, we send out our people that take care of that particular problem immediately. We just want to make people happy.”

In 1996, the brother-sister team moved the business from Winamac to Plymouth, renaming it Banfich Interiors. By that time, they offered more than just the quality brand name furniture. They also offered complimentary interior design consultations. Sometimes, a customer simply wants a room or a house done. Other times, redesigning a space proves to be a little more challenging.

For Banfich, who is the companys leading designer, thats when the job becomes fun.  Someone hands us a picture of an oil painting and says, I want these to be my colors,or I want these pieces of furniture.We will go out and assess the situation, measure everything and draw it up,” she explains. Then we suggest the furniture, not necessarily saying exactly what you need to buy, but giving a range of options and letting the client choose what they would like based on their original inspiration of color or space, or however you envisioned your project.”

Although they offer this service, they recognize that not everyone needs a home makeover; some people just want a single piece of furniture.

We are different because we can do an entire home concept or just a chair,” Banfich adds. Whatever is needed. We have items in stock every day for pick-up or delivery.”

Banfich Interiors offers a wide variety of products from the highest-ranked name brands.

Were really fortunate to be able to have all six of the major bedding lines in the country, when most stores only have one or two,” Fritz says.

Nonetheless, Banfich Interiors is devoted to remaining affordable. The showroom displays items that are $300 or less, including La-Z-Boy recliners and queen-sized mattresses. They also offer financing options.

We cover every budget,” Banfich says.

They always keep an ear to the ground as far as the latest fashions are concerned.

Thats another thing that sets us apart —  everything is current,” Banfich says. “Nothing is old and discontinued. You dont have the frustration of shopping for something thats not available. Everything is kept current by us and by our furniture representatives.”

After moving to Plymouth, many furniture companies began contacting Banfich Interiors about selling their lines. La-Z-Boy was the first.

They didnt have much representation in this area. They really wanted to be in Plymouth,” Fritz says. So that pretty much started the ball rolling.”

It didnt take long before Banfich Interiors outgrew their location. So, they opened another showroom in Plymouth, Mattress Express, exclusively for mattresses and Ashley merchandise.

We have all of the major mattress brands,” Banfich says.

They also sell medical furniture, like lift chairs and hospital beds.

We carry about 35 different lift chairs and its amazing. We got into it because people really wanted and had a need for it,” Fritz adds.

A business is only as good as its staff, and Fritz and Banfich think they have one of the best. Their right-hand woman is Cindy Kinney, the office manager and an interior designer.

Shes such a super person, and she does a great job with all our customers. Shes a very important part of the business, for sure,” Fritz says.

Sharon Fritz is also an integral part of Banfich Interiors, who has been doing the accounting since the company started. We could not get along without Sharon,” Banfich says.

Their delivery team, comprised of George Christ, Greg Ballinger, and Allen Heist, is also dynamite and are well-known for their white-glove quality service.

Our deliveries wont just arrive at your doorstep. We assemble, install and put it anywhere in your home that you want it,” Banfich says. “Well take anything out that you want to dispose of, just whatever the customers needs are. People call and compliment our delivery guys all the time.”

Although Banfich Interiors has a customer base that spans the entire nation, they primarily serve the local area. So, they are constantly working to stay in tune with their customersneeds. If they dont have what someone wants, they know where to find it.

We try to work with everybody because everyone has a different thought on what they want to do,” Fritz says. We just want people to be satisfied and be happy. You know, be able to go home and enjoy their homes.”

Banfich Interiors has two locations in Plymouth. Their main storefront is at 2127 N. Oak Dr. Their full inventory can be found online at Reach out to them by email at or call them at (574) 936-1299.

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