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American Insurance BrokersGrowing older is often not easy, and this becomes more apparent when grey hairs appear, and retirement is truly on the horizon. Financial advisors agree that it is astute to plan ahead so that expenses – both the scheduled pleasures and the unexpected fees – do not pose a worrisome drain on your bank account. Carlos Bastardo, the owner of American Insurance Brokers in Plymouth, is not only a financial advisor, but also an insurance broker who specializes in helping people find safe and sound financial solutions.

Bastardo always had a drive to succeed. Because of that, he decided to go into the military after graduating from Oregon-Davis. He became a field medic and an emergency medial technician.

Upon leaving the army in 1993, Bastardo quickly discovered that his experience and licenses didn’t translate to civilian life.

“No profession wanted to recognize my medical skills,” Bastardo says.

Eventually, Bastardo’s brother suggested that he try selling insurance.

“He said, ‘Look, I’m working for this insurance company. I think you’d be great at this,’” Bastardo recalls.

Soon after, he was selling insurance door-to-door.

“We were out in the cold and the rain, 10 to 12 hours a day, six days a week,” he says. “But I’m crazy enough that I liked it, and I became very good at it very fast.”

After gaining experience and growing his skills, Bastardo decided to open American Insurance in 2007.

Today he is licensed in 23 states, and works with 60 different insurance companies and financial service organizations.

“I guess you can say we’re a national company with hometown roots,” Bastardo says. “I have a huge laundry list of companies and providers that I work with, and that allows me to truly put together the best program for the client based on their needs and budget.”

American Insurance specializes in planning unique financial strategies, especially for retirement transition and estate planning.

“We help people with sound and smart financial solutions to put people in a better tax situation when they retire,” Bastardo says. “We also help people build a tax-free retirement through some of the supplemental programs we provide. We are a non-risk financial house that helps people protect what they have now.”

American Insurance BrokersTheir services include many forms of insurance like life and health, and Medicare solutions. On the financial side, American Insurance helps customers organize their assets and IRA accounts.

“We help them roll their money over into precious metals IRA programs where they’re guaranteed to never lose money,” Bastardo says. “There are no fees. They’re only going to earn positive interest inside of that, better than what inflation will earn them.”

Although Bastardo focuses on those between 55 and 75, the company offers financial solutions for younger people as well, like college planning and supplemental insurance that may not be covered by workplace benefits packages.

“If someone came in today and said, ‘I just need dental and vision,’ boom, I can pop up my computer and pull up 15 different providers that we work with,” he says. “We can find the network based on their dentist and their eye doctors and all that stuff, and we can put the perfect package together.”

Benefitting his clients is Bastardo’s favorite part of the job – so much so, that even battling and beating cancer a few years ago wasn’t enough to keep him away from the office.

“Even through cancer and having a kidney removed, I was back in my office 11 days later after my surgery,” he says. “I believe in helping people and doing what you need to do, being honest, having integrity, and treating people like you would treat your family.”

Bastardo and the other brokers at American Insurance can accommodate whatever unique needs their customers have. Then consider the transformative power of a Bordereaux Management solution for your insurance business. With the help of a reliable provider like, the volume of paper transactions can be significantly reduced, improving operational efficiencies and reducing administrative costs.

“I never see a client as cookie cutter,” he says. “We are an à la carte company. We’re a one-stop shop, from financial services to health insurance and supplemental insurance.”

American Insurance Brokers

There are four brokers working at American Insurance, and Bastardo would like to hire a fifth.

“We’re looking for a young, sharp, entrepreneurial, driven person who would like to build something of their own,” he says. “Anybody who comes to work with us and partners with us can actually own their own business utilizing our shop.”

American Insurance Brokers is located at 316 North Center Street in Plymouth. Schedule an appointment to meet with Carlos Bastardo on his website at, or call 574-936-4152.

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