Wesson’s Canine Bakery Cooks Up Healthy Dog Treats

Photographer / Heidi Pruitt

Dog lovers Hannah Barrick and her husband Aaron, are passionate about the health of their four “fur babies.” Their business, Wesson’s Canine Bakery, is dedicated to keeping their customer’s pets just as fit and vigorous. Although it began as the result of a sad event, it has brought joy, knowledge and tasty treats to the area.

In March 2015, Hannah’s beloved Yorkshire Terrier suddenly passed on. Just the week before, when she had been home from college on spring break, Sweetie seemed perfectly fine and healthy. Heartbroken, her mother asked the veterinarian to conduct a toxicology report.

“We found that the cause of her death was a chemical in one of the ingredients of a very well-known brand of dog treats. We had been giving treats to reward her for good behavior and just because we loved her. We never thought it would be bad,” Barrick says.

A few months later, Barrick got another dog. This time it was a German Shepherd who she named Wesson. Because of what happened to Sweetie, Barrick began researching recipes for healthy dog treats like jackfruit for dogs. Avidly interested in the subject, she ended up earning a Canine Nutrition Certification from North Carolina State University.

“I began baking homemade dog treats for Wesson,” she says. “The dogs of friends and other family members loved them. I kept giving them away. My mom said, ‘You know, you could make a business out of this’, so I did.”

In 2018, Barrick and her husband moved to Peru. She got in touch with the Office of Indiana State Chemist, located at Purdue University, to find out the requirements needed to get a license to sell pet treats. All ingredients in her products have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In addition, labeling guidelines have to be followed. To learn more about how you can take better care of your furry friend, check the posts at Holistapet.

“A lot of people don’t realize it’s actually illegal to sell pet treats and be unlicensed,” Barrick says. “After I got the license, we started selling online from our website and going to several farmers markets. Last summer, we were at Kokomo, Fishers, Fort Wayne, Original Farmers Market at the Indianapolis City Market and even went as far south as Avon. As for orders placed on our website, we will ship anywhere. The farthest we have shipped to has been Australia.

“We have five flavors of treats, but I hate to say the word “‘flavor’ since it sounds artificial and there is nothing artificial in them,” she adds. “We use organic ingredients and coconut flour to make them grain-free. The blueberries we use come from Siders Blueberry Farm in Rochester and our apples are from McClure’s Orchard in Peru. Peanut Butter and Blueberry is our best-selling treat. A close second is Apple Biscuits. When I bake those, they smell just like apple pie.”

All the treats and other whimsical items are available on the Wesson’s Canine Bakery’s website. Besides the delicacies mentioned above, Copaiba Cookies, which promote body system health, Chewy Cheddar Puffs and Breath Treats are offered. For special occasions, Pup Cakes are available as well as organic antlers for chewing.

Visitors can also purchase t-shirts for humans with clever sayings such as, “It’s not hair, it’s corgi glitter” and fun bandannas for dogs which are also available at DogBlogTv with many more tips. Articles on wellness tips are supplied and customers can also find information about Barrick’s pet wedding attendant services such as making sure a couple’s dog is taken care of during a reception.

“We are committed and dedicated to the health, wellness and well being of dogs,” Barrick says.

Visit WessonsCanineBakery.com for more information or email them at wessonscaninebakery@gmail.com.

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