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Make Your Home Look Expensive

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Look Expensive on a Budget

Story & Photography Provided

-Mix and match textiles. Combine leather, linen, cotton and wool. Accent pillows, throw blankets, frames, bowls, and vases with fresh flowers help achieve this look.

-Pull your furniture away from walls to utilize space better. This creates a designer look.

-Window coverings on every window give a room a finished look. Drapes that are hung high and skim the floor give height to an area.

-Decluttering your home makes it look clean, bright and expensive. If it doesn’t bring you joy or if you haven’t used it in years, pitch it.

Make Your Home Look Expensive

-Shop your home. Decorate with items from other rooms to create a fresh, new look.

-Update paint, hardware, and rugs and runners for a new palette. It was great to find painters near me in Fishers, Indiana.

-Don’t be afraid to paint interior doors dark for a dramatic statement. Professionals like the Painters in London are the man for the job.

-Paint your cabinets. There are many tutorials, even some that will allow you to paint without sanding first. Again, don’t forget to change out the hardware to cap off a fresh, new look.

-Fresh flowers are the cheapest way to amp up your decor. If your area is feeling drab, add some greenery (real or faux) to make it more inviting.

-Framing builder-grade mirrors adds a more expensive, decorative look immediately.

-Updating lighting to a more modern style makes a room instantly look more expensive.

-Visit thrift stores, estate sales and Facebook Marketplace for cool decor, furniture and even cabinets.

-Mix in an opposing style to your decor. If you have a traditional farmhouse style, add a modern piece to get that designer look.

-Natural elements make a room look clean. Add in natural wood, light colors, woven materials, and even marble or concrete to get that chic look.

-Use shelves and glass cabinets in your kitchen to create a more modern aesthetic.

-Don’t be afraid to go bold in smaller rooms like half baths. Wallpaper, gold fixtures and framed art all work together to give a room that wow factor.

Make Your Home Look Expensive

-Explore decorative molding. This can be for chair rails and even ceilings.

-Include something with curve appeal. A large, curvy chandelier can add depth to a flat space. You can also incorporate this in vases, mirrors and frames.

-Install lighting under kitchen cabinets.

-Paint stair banisters to add an expensive element to an otherwise overlooked area.

-Include a variety of light sources to create depth in a room. Go less expensive with a lamp base and splurge a little on the shade. Use plug-in sconces and add dimmer switches.

-Include an accent color in a room and use it three to five times in the decor. This gives the room a finished, decorative look.

Make Your Home Look Expensive

-A large rug can be an inexpensive statement piece. It can make a room feel large and airy instantly.

-Paint walls and trim the same color to add more focus to decorative accents and accessories.

-Ditch the dust covers on your books to create a neutral decor. Turning books so the pages face outward also works.

-Find an antique or heirloom piece and display it loud and proud. No one will know if you picked it up at a garage sale.

-Mirrors always make a space look bigger. They reflect light and increase visual square footage.

Final tip: Don’t be afraid of your own style. Feel free to mix and match. An expensive look doesn’t mean you have to live in a museum. Create your own oasis. If you’re planning to build a new house, you may need to learn about a home builder in Savannah, GA and talk about the style you’re going for.

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