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New Owner Takes Over Moore’s Pie Shop

Locally Loved Pies are Here to Stay

Writer / Matt Keating
Photographer / John Bolinger

Brittany Sanchez, the new co-owner of Kokomo’s beloved Moore’s Pie Shop, says she is excited about taking over the popular pie place.Moore’s Pie Shop

“We officially bought the building and business on Aug. 16, 2022,” Sanchez says. “We opened our doors on Oct. 7, 2022.”

Sanchez and her staff did a thorough cleaning of the shop before they opened.

“When we first bought the pie shop, there wasn’t much inventory to work with, so we spent a month and a half deep cleaning the kitchen while we waited for our ingredients and pie pans to come in,” Sanchez says.

Sanchez notes that there were some other challenges to overcome as well.

“Supply chain issues and COVID-19 really did prove to be a challenge in getting our supplies in to start making the pies,” she says. “Even when we had all the stuff, we still had to go through training with Gregg Lucas (prior Moore’s owner 2007-2020). We are not a part of the Moore family—the original owners—but we kept the name because we are using Moore’s pie recipes and the name is well known in Kokomo and the surrounding areas.”

Sanchez has made some positive new changes since taking over Moore’s Pie Shop.

“We have online ordering available now,” she says. “Plus, we have a replacement to the mini pies called ‘galettes’ (pronounced gul-lets). The galettes are pie crust tops with Moore’s fruit filling in the middle and then we fold the edges towards the middle to make a little window of the filling. We finish up with an egg wash to give a nice, golden-brown crust and a crispy, flaky outside. If you are a big fan of our pie crust, then you will love our galettes.”

Customers already have their favorite pies.

“Sugar cream and Dutch apple pies are our top sellers,” Sanchez says. “That will change with the holiday season when it becomes pumpkin. Sugar cream, however, is an Indiana staple.”

Moore has her own personal favorite pies.

Moore’s Pie Shop“I am a sucker for the classic apple or Dutch apple pie,” Sanchez says. “My husband and business partner, Joshua, loves the Dutch.

Sanchez and her husband have been Kokomo fans for a long time.

“We absolutely love the community of Kokomo,” she says. “We have gotten so much support from our friends, customers and from other community leaders in Kokomo. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Robb Blume at Community First Bank of Indiana and we probably would not have gone forward with this opportunity if not for Michael Grant, who owned the business in the early 2000’s. Mike is our realtor but has also helped us out in so many other ways… from finding our house to guiding us towards acquiring Moore’s.”

Sanchez added that their customers have also been outstanding,

“A lot of our customers have been so helpful with getting the word out that Moore’s Pie Shop is not closed and is here to stay,” she says. “I have never been in such a supportive community.”

Sanchez says she wants to get Moore’s pies into as many stores in Indiana as possible.

“We are working on our business plan and moving forward,” she says. “We will work hard to make that happen. We want to thank the customers who have tried Moore’s pies in the past. You are the people who have kept Moore’s alive, and we will try our best to keep that legacy going.”Moore’s Pie Shop

To pick up your own delicious pie, visit Moore’s Pie Shop at 115 W. Elm Street, Kokomo, Indiana, or call (765) 459-7536. You can also order online at

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