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I desire to reach people and help them feel their best while learning to embrace their inner beauty. Transformation is not by aesthetics alone, but by spirit as well. Helping each person realize beauty comes from within. Most of us are told beauty is defined by how high our cheekbones are, how full our lips are and how perfect we need to be. I beg to differ with this way of thought. I believe each individual is uniquely beautiful and I hope that all would hold to their own definition of beauty.Skinology

I wanted to create a place of rest and renewal, a respite from the day for clients to enjoy while receiving treatments. We hope that each person leaves feeling refreshed in some unique way.

When I started Skinology I decided to offer tried-and-true aesthetic services with proven results. The beauty industry has, for many years now, offered many solutions, quick fixes and promises. The industry is oversaturated with products, and the latest and greatest remedies. When I started the business my goal was to offer tried-and-true treatments and carefully study the “latest and greatest” before jumping right into offering them. Most, but not all, come quickly, explode all over social media and become the new thing, but quickly fade.

I’ve observed the beauty industry for many years, and have taken what I’ve learned from each place I’ve practiced and incorporated it into what Skinology is today. We offer noninvasive and minimally invasive procedures to enhance one’s natural beauty.

Skinology’s sole goal is to meet each client’s needs. Our saying is, “You are our favorite subject.” This is very true. We listen and do our very best to help each person meet their goals. For clients who just don’t know where to start but know they’d like to do something, we suggest a consultation where their concerns can be met. We carefully educate each person while walking them through each process.

As an example, a client who has spent years in the sun or has paid no attention in caring for their skin will most likely have discoloration, skin irregularities and wrinkles, among other issues. Skin takes a beating by internal and external stresses. Skin renewing removes the buildup of dead skin and sun damage, while rebuilding deep within the core structure of the skin, utilizing chemical peels and collagen induction therapy with medical-grade stem cells. This is one way of achieving results. We offer an in-depth consultation and referral to a dermatologist for a thorough skin exam as a part of every process.Skinology

A person who has neglected their skin and health has many challenges in front of them to renew life back to their skin. Restoration of underlying tissues as well as surface skin would be our goal – everything from treatments to rebuild the skin, to products for the health of the skin to maintain optimal results. We encourage long-term care for our clients. We offer maintenance treatments and products to achieve this. In addition to skin renewal treatments, we also offer a variety of services including Botox, lash extensions, and spray tans among several others.

Let’s face it – when we look our best, we feel our best. I encourage each person to find their internal beauty first and foremost. The rest is just icing on the cake. We are here to help with both!

Visit skinologykokomo.com to learn more.

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