Anomalous Concepts Crafts Custom Bar & Pub Tables

Photographer / Heidi Pruitt

Those acquainted with longtime Peru resident Tonya Byrum know that she isn’t interested in sitting still. Even though she works outside the home and is the mother of two sons, she’s always coming up with unique, creative ideas. Her latest endeavor is Anomalous Concepts, which produces custom bar and pub tables from reclaimed wine and whiskey barrels.

“I’ve been interested in crafting for years,” Byrum says. “I like to do creative, out-of-the-box concepts that no one else is doing.”

According to the Anomalous Concepts Facebook page, the definition of the word anomalous is as follows: “Deviating from a general rule, method or analogy: abnormal; irregular.” The tables produced by Byrum reflect that description. Each one is unique with astonishing detail.

“It takes me a week to make one,” Byrum says of her tables. “First I sand and put the first of five layers of epoxy on. I use a blowtorch on the barrel between the application of each layer. It warms up the resin, making air bubbles pop and gives the barrel a smooth, extremely durable surface.”

Byrum also uses her blowtorch to burnish antique horseshoes, nail ends and even the barrels themselves. The process gives the metal pieces a rainbow hue and darkens the wood of the barrels. Sometimes she tapes off sections to spray paint the exposed barrel surfaces. She then creates unique, multidimensional designs on the barrels.

“The tables are three feet tall and 24 inches in diameter,” she says. “Some parts of designs involve tiny nail art pieces that I have to put on with tweezers. I find other decorative items from Vendor City Flea Market, Rural King and Family Farm and Home. I found a supplier in Tipton for used wine and Jim Beam barrels.”

Byrum says the sky is the limit on her table designs.

“I can personalize the tables with initials, or kids’ names on game boards such as Scrabble,” she says. “Some designs I’ve made have intricate gears or a motorcycle motif including emblems. These tables have a rustic, cozy look and are great in a man cave or at the end of a couch. A glass topper can be used to extend the diameter to 54 inches.”

Byrum is also known for the diverse and different jams and jellies she cans. Not content with making regular flavors, her Butter Rum Peach is famous among her family and friends. Other unique flavors that she produces are Piña Colada, Monkey Butter and Cantaloupe Vanilla. Word gets out through Facebook posts that these delicious treats are ready for distribution.

“I’d like to do farmers market events in the future,” Byrum says. “I was at the Russiaville Craft Fair in October. People can phone, email me or get in touch with me on Facebook. I’m really proud of the tables and I stand behind my product. There is nothing out there quite like it. It’s all about the details.”

For more info on Anomalous Concepts, call 765-210-6407 or send an email to

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