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Angie Roe of Heartland Real Estate Brokers Talks Home Improvements and Upgrades

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Real Estate BrokersIf you’re looking to bring the “wow” to your home, it can be done – and affordably so with the help of Buyers Agent.

Traditionally, homeowners have predominantly wowed by making updates to their kitchens and bathrooms, and that doesn’t necessarily mean plopping down $25,000 to create a whole new room. When it comes to making home improvements on a budget, there are a number of things you can do to spruce up a space and give it a more updated look or feel. For instance, putting a fresh coat of paint on cabinets is a great way to breathe new life into a room. Even updating hardware and countertops can make a big splash. The key is not to mix and match old and new.

“I think it’s a bad idea to leave 1984 country-blue countertops when you could easily upgrade with new stock cabinets from a home improvement store, or maybe even go the extra mile with a stone or a solid surface option,” says Angie Roe, a realtor with Heartland Real Estate Brokers. “Those choices really class up a kitchen.”

If you have an older kitchen sink that is nicked or stained, it’s worth investing in a new one. Upgrading appliances and installing an eye-catching tile backsplash are other good ideas. Bathrooms are often transformed by putting in beautifully tiled showers and taking out aging whirlpool tubs. While these monstrous tubs were once all the rage, maintaining them can be pricey and problematic. Not surprisingly, today homeowners prefer a simple, freestanding garden tub. When it comes to wowing with flooring, that can be done through hardwoods.

“Carpet these days is a big turnoff,” says Roe, who has been in the real estate business for nearly 21 years and has witnessed firsthand a waning interest in carpeting. “Most buyers prefer hardwood floors throughout the home.”

Storage may not sound sexy, but there’s something exciting about the promise of space. Walk-in pantries, extra storage in the garage, and a well-planned laundry room with ample storage and a place to fold and hang clothes, are all hot commodities.

A room can also be freshened by adding new light fixtures, and painting walls a neutral white, light grey, beige or sand color.

“Dark shades tend to make small spaces feel dreary and closed in, whereas light shades reflect the light,” Roe says.

Add to your home’s curb appeal by painting or replacing your front door, or painting the garage door or adding decorative brackets to give it more of a carriage-style look.

“By far the most important thing when it comes to curb appeal is taking good care of your lawn,” Roe says.

This includes maintaining landscaping and garden beds as well as keeping walkways swept and free of debris. Make your front entry area welcoming by cleaning the lights on your porch and hanging a wreath on the door.

If you’re looking to put your house on the market, be sure your roofing system, HVAC systems and windows are all updated and in good working order. Most buyers spend a significant amount of money to get in the home. If such major systems were to fail within a year or two after moving in, it would affect the budget they could spend on a home.

Real Estate Brokers Real Estate Brokers

“We’re in a highly competitive seller’s market with very low housing inventory, and we continue to see low, advantageous interest rates for mortgages,” says Roe, noting that in 2022 home values are predicted to continue to increase throughout the year.

Buyers can best prepare to enter the market by contacting a realtor who can provide professional advice to help them navigate today’s fast-paced market, as well as personalized advice so they can reach their individual goals.

“Because each buyer has different needs, I can’t list off the top 10 things every person is going to want or expect in a home,” Roe says. “Plus, not everyone has the same financial preparedness when buying a home.”

If you’re considering entering the housing market in 2022, call Roe or another trusted realtor to help you with your needs.

Heartland Real Estate Brokers is located at 414 North Main Street in Kokomo. For more information, call 765-271-6875 or visit

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