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Owner of Healing Hands Natural Therapy Spa Celebrates Six Years

Writer / Julie Yates
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Healing Hands SpaHealing Hands Natural Therapy Spa is a calm and peaceful place to take a few minutes to get away from it all and recharge. As the only dedicated day spa in Kokomo, it offers a quiet atmosphere, free of distracting chemical smells and noise. Owned by Mimi Amos since 2015, the establishment allows clients to come for spa offerings such as massages to reduce aches and pains, and also to enjoy some renewal time for themselves. Looking for a good med spa that has the best treatment plans suited to your specific needs? You can visit a good place like https://glowmedspaencino.com for more valuable info!

“Before COVID most of our business was people who wanted therapeutic massages,” Amos says. “Now it’s a lot of self-care for someone who wants one hour to 90 minutes away to focus on themselves, and take a break from our every day hustle. People are wanting to spend some time getting away from the stresses COVID has put in their lives.”

Amos has lived in Kokomo for her whole life, except for a period from 1997 to 2012 when her husband Kirk was in the military. During that period she came back often to visit, and when her husband’s service was over, the couple chose to settle here. One little-known fact about Amos is that during that time, she had a stint portraying some Disney characters.

“When Kirk was deployed to Haiti, I went to Florida since my parents moved there, and dad worked in Disney security,” Amos says. “Character assignments go by height. Since I’m 5’7”, I played Pluto, Eeyore, and Rafiki, the baboon from ‘The Lion King.’ I always wanted to be Chip or Dale since I would have someone to play off of, or I wanted to be Tigger because I had so much energy but I wasn’t tall enough.”

“It was at Walt Disney Resort where I learned the value of details, efficiency, safety and guest experience,” Amos continues. “After gaining a degree in quality management I went on to massage school. After completing massage school, I worked alone and then with a partner for a couple of years. Then the opportunity came up to purchase Healing Hands Natural Therapy Spa – a dream come true.”

Healing Hands SpaThe spa staff’s specialty is customer service. The well-seasoned staff is comprised of some employees with multiple years of experience, and others who are fresh out of school with knowledge of new and exciting spa modalities, as well as the latest trends and techniques. The spa services a diverse clientele ranging from students, athletes and medical staff, to seniors and groups of friends and family just wanting time to relax together. Customers affiliated with the military and their immediate family members that live with them are offered a 20% discount all year.

A menu of products and services can be found on the official spa website. Most of the massages are therapeutic in nature with the benefit of a spa environment. Prices vary according to the length of time and type of massage. A 30-minute cupping session is $48, while a 90-minute deep-tissue massage is $120. Spa packages for multiple sessions are available.

Skin care, nails and waxing options are also offered. A 30-minute enhanced skin peel is $47. It is a great pick-up for dull and sluggish-looking skin. A gentleman’s facial is $65. A one-hour pampering hot stone pedicure runs $62, while a basic pedicure costs $39. Waxing services include $13 for eyebrows and $62 for a Bro-zilian, a men’s Brazilian wax.

Healing Hands Spa

“I am lucky that I am optimistically wired, and tend to enjoy almost any job as long as it involves people and I can see end results,” Amos says. “I have been an entrepreneur since childhood. With my childhood friend, Mindy, we had been known to run a carnival complete with backyard rides that certainly were not inspected. We also sold art to school friends and found-items door-to-door to our neighbors, who were always gracious and encouraging.”

Amos feels optimistic about the direction Kokomo is headed as a city.

“Over the last 10 years it has offered more diverse activities such as First Fridays downtown, and a system of walking, running and biking trails,” Amos says. “People don’t have to go to Indianapolis anymore to find something to do.”

Healing Hands Natural Therapy Spa is located at 116 North Dixon Road in Kokomo. For more info, call 765-450-4602 or visit healinghandskokomo.net.

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