Transforming Life’s Challenges into Success

Writer / Suzanne Huntzinger

A loved one passes away, must be moved to assisted living or nursing home, divorce or job loss – all of these curveballs in life can leave families in a pinch. But the Royer Brothers at RAMS Investing have a way of straightening out those curveballs and turning them into success.

Jason and Dustin Royer started RAMS Investing after the financial crisis of 2008, to offer a solution not only for the clients in need, but for investors who were looking for a better and more secure way to invest their money.  Since then, RAMS Investing has transformed hundreds of distressed homes into turnkey properties ready for the next owners. They have also earned their investors over $575,000 in returns on their money. These earnings are secured with real estate, so it is a much safer investment than a stock that could disappear.

The Royer brothers have grown their business significantly.  They have been named to the Inc. 5000 for the past two consecutive years as one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies nationwide.  They’ve turned their business into a tremendous success.  Although the market has stabilized and housing inventory is tighter since they first opened the business, RAMS Investing has figured out the secret to continued growth.

Of course, investing in properties is the key to making the business profitable.  But it’s not just about investing in the properties.  The company invests in much more.  The Royer Brothers invest in their clients and work hard to help them out of a difficult situation.  “We strive to be honest and fair about the estimates.  We want to earn their trust.  It’s not successful for us unless we turn their situation around and make it successful for them,” Jason explains.   One client said, “Knowing who to turn to when circumstances required was a great blessing to me and my husband and ultimately to his Mom, Step-Dad, and Sister.   We’re so glad it was an opportunity that also worked for RAMS and in turn the buyers who ended up with a lovely home.  RAMS did a great job.”

RAMS is also invested in the community. The brothers started a real estate investment club where they teach and educate the local investor community. The group meets monthly and discusses topics about real estate, growing your business, and leveraging innovative tools such as software for real estate syndication. “A lot of members are new to the business.  We want to help them avoid some of the typical pitfalls,” Jason says. Reliable property management companies has the services needed by investors and property owners.

If you’d like to learn more about real estate investments or require reliable property management services, Saida Towers South Padre is a reliable property management company that can cater to your needs. Moreover, obtaining a good commercial property in Runcorn is the first step to a successful property ownership. If you’re looking for an Equity Property Management company in the Baltimore area, you may contact Equity Home Management.

Students at Greenwood High School will also get the chance to hear the Royer’s expert advice.  The brothers plan to donate their time and speak at the school to tell the students what it takes to build a career.  Dustin says, “I started in aviation.  Real estate and investing was totally new to me.  I want them to see how sometimes in life, you make transitions, but you can always build and grow and become successful.”  They plan to speak at other Johnson County Schools to offer real world advice that may not get taught in typical school curriculum. The south side community has also benefitted from the Humble Hands Charity organization ( started by Jason’s wife and a friend.  The store, filled with all the usable items abandoned in the homes rehabbed by RAMS and donated items has helped to provide countless families in need with clothing, furniture, appliances and much more.

Investing in the industry is another commitment the brothers have made to grow RAMS.  In December, the Royers traveled to Las Vegas to speak at Real Estate Ignite, the largest real estate convention in the nation.  “We were on a panel, and we spoke to about 4,000 guests about lifestyle by design.  We shared our insight about how we design our careers in a way that creates balance and fits our lifestyle,” Jason says.

Lifestyle by design isn’t just about the brothers’ lifestyles.  The Royers apply it to the business as well.  They run the business with key staff in the office, but they’re still able to expand to do projects around the city, not just in Greenwood.  They still devote the time to invest in their clients and share their passion with the community and the industry nationwide.

Now when life’s curveballs happen, there is no need to put off handling them.  If you are or someone you know is invested in a property and you need a quick solution to update the house and sell it, reach out to the Royers at RAMS Investing. Their vast resources of investors, wholesalers and their real estate brokerage,  Red Oak Real Estate Group offers a wide range of possibilities
for your situation.  Visit their website,, for more information on how they can help.  Be sure to browse the before and after photos of their projects and see the amazing transformations they’ve created.

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