Indianapolis Southside Harley Davidson Offers New Riding Academy Location
Photographer: JWCreative.Indy

Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson, 4930 Southport Crossing Place, Indianapolis, has always been well known as a great riding academy, but the parking lot they used for their old riding instruction location was recently rented from the landowner.

Steve McQueen, the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy manager, however, says that didn’t stop the academy. It now has a new great place for riding instruction.

“Our classes were formerly held in a parking lot off I-74 and Post Road,” McQueen says. “Our new facility is now located at 6735 US 31, North Whiteland, Indiana. This location is on the Greenwood line, with a Whiteland address.”

The new Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson Riding Academy has already been positively received by the public.

“The new range is amazing,” McQueen says. “The surface is phenomenal, and the fresh markings make it very easy to teach classes there. After 17 years teaching motorcycle safety in Indiana, I can say that this facility is the finest I have ever worked on.”

McQueen adds that the fact that it is owned by Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson is a huge asset.

“Typically, rider training is conducted at leased or donated facilities that the owner can decide in an instant if they want to allow someone else to use it,” he says. “This is for money of course, and you never know if you will have a place to teach from month to month or year to year. What the Schulteti family (who have owned the Harley Davidson dealership for several generations) has done is beyond amazing. My coaches and I are very grateful for their support and commitment.”

The instructional classes at the dealership also make motorcycle riders feel comfortable.

“Not only is our riding conducted on a very large area, but the dealership set aside a very large portion of the upstairs for our classroom sessions,” McQueen says. “Visiting coaches from all over the United States were just here for training and all remarked about the size of the classroom. It is top notch and who does not love being in a Harley-Davidson dealership? I also can’t say enough about the new range. Both locations are easily accessible and convenient from about anywhere in Central Indiana.”

The classes attract all different age groups.

“We have taught as young as 15 years old, and I just finished a class with a gentleman who was 70 years old,” McQueen says. “We get a lot of females who have decided they want off the back (of the motorcycle), and to be in control, and we also see a lot of men who gave up riding earlier in life to raise the family and now want to return.”

McQueen adds that “The U.S. motorcycle industry has been trailing downward some, so new and exciting products are on the forefront.”

New trends are the introduction of electric motorcycles to the Harley Davidson line, along with the addition of kids’ electric bicycles.

“This will open up opportunities for ages three and up,” McQueen says. “There is also an ever-growing number of women riding their own motorcycles these days. Women riders have been on the rise for decades, and there is no end in sight. Another new trend is that the industry has put a huge focus on rider training to get more people on motorcycles.”

McQueen believes Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson’s great inventory and wonderful staff have greatly benefitted the dealership.

“There is no question the longevity of the staff, and the knowledge they bring are a huge part of the success at Southside Harley Davidson,” McQueen says. “Among the staff, there are third and fourth generation family members, and the fifth generation will join the business this fall. It has been through a lot of hard work and changing with the times, that the business has evolved, as the industry has.”

Returning customers have also helped tremendously.

“The other very important factor is the loyal customer base that we have called family for many years,” McQueen says. “We want each and every customer to feel like they are home among family every time they step in the door.”

Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson is located at 4930 Southport Crossing Place, Indianapolis, Indiana. You can give them a call at 317-885-5180 or visit them online at   

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