BoxBurger Food Truck is a Johnson County Favorite

Writer / Seth Johnson

Photography provided by Amy Payne & BoxBurger

After working as a sales rep in the optical industry for over a decade, Brandan Kyle decided it was time for a change of pace. Rather than seeking out another conventional job, he decided he would try starting his own food truck.

“I’ve always liked to cook,” Kyle says. “I’d come home from being on the road, and I would find myself cooking something in the kitchen. I was looking outside the box and wanted to do something I’d never done. I think that’s what drew me to it.”

This led him to start BoxBurger food truck in Greenwood. Now heading into its third year of existence, BoxBurger grills with top quality Black Angus, while also offering up delicious sides like coleslaw, french fries, potato salad and sweet potato fries. Known for their expansive list of burger topping options, BoxBurger has quickly become a favorite food truck option for Johnson County natives.

Before diving into his food truck pursuit, Kyle had to do his fair share of research to make sure he knew what he was getting into. “Thank God for Google,” he says, laughing. “I have a business background, so it was pretty easy for me to dive in and research in the right areas of what I needed to know. I asked a lot of questions from people who were already involved in the business, as far as permitting goes and things like that.”

Next up, he had to lock down a truck, but it couldn’t just be any old truck.

“One thing that I knew that I wanted to do was build a nicer truck than I had seen out on the road,” Kyle says. “When I looked at food trucks, I thought to myself, ‘The image could be improved upon.’ I wanted to come in with something that was state-of-the-art and really ramp up the image.”

After locking down the truck, it was time for Kyle to get the food situated. From the start, he wanted to keep things simple and affordable, while also ensuring that his burger was of a higher quality than that of his competitors.

“I basically looked at the competition as far as Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Shake Shack and a lot of places like that with the more fast, casual environment,” Kyle says. “What I wanted to do was stay in that price range, and I wanted to build the best burger that I could without going above and beyond that price point. What I first set out to do was to find the highest quality beef that I could find.”

Another big focus for him was also offering customers a meatier burger.

“If Five Guys has a quarter pound burger that they give you, I want to give you a third pound burger,” Kyle says. “The structure was basically, ‘Let’s take something that exists. And if we make it better, then that’s a recipe for success.’”

From corporate lunches to summer festivals, BoxBurger has made its rounds in Johnson County, much to the delight of the community. When it comes to its overall reception, the food truck’s humble owner couldn’t be happier.

“We’ve been very well received by the public because we serve cheeseburgers and everybody loves them,” Kyle says. “Just as importantly, I think we’ve been received well by the other food trucks.”

For information on the daily whereabouts of BoxBurger food truck, be sure to check their official Facebook page. You can also visit them online at and give them a call at 317-912-3269.

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  1. BoxBurgerShoutOut to Center Grove Magazine for the great article on the BoxBurger Foodtruck – June 2018 Edition

    ** Thank You **

    BoxBurger is a MobileRestaurant grilling up CreativeCurbsideBurgerCuisine via our rolling foodtruck
    thru-out the streets of Indy & beyond crafting one individually BoxSpiced burger at a time from our ever-growing list of 33+ toppings…

    Honorable Mention: Seth Johnson & Amy Payne
    ~ eatlocal streetfood this summer ~

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