You’ve Never Had Burgers & Dogs Like These


There are burger places, and then there is Between the Bun. I ventured in after seeing a friend’s Twitter recommendation. On my first visit, I had the “Spitfire Chili Dog” made with their signature Spitfire seasoning. It was great! I was intrigued. How do you create a restaurant with 16 specialty burgers including a caramel apple burger, fried hot dogs and mac and cheese with crushed Goldfish crackers?

Spitfire Chili Burger
Spitfire Chili Burger

Scott and Trisha Sims have a great story. Scott started grilling in his backyard. He’d find special spices and rubs he liked, fire up the barbecue and invite friends over. Soon he started making his own rubs and mixing his own spices. As his expertise grew, he decided last year to equip a trailer to serve as his “restaurant” and hit the streets. He started in Franklin, allowing him to learn before diving into the competitive world of downtown Indy. By October, he was downtown dealing with parking, crowds and long days. To save time, he gave up smoking meats and used his rubs on burgers. It was a huge hit.

Nacho Burger
Nacho Burger

When winter rolled around, working the “food truck” circuit was a big headache. In January, he and Trisha took over the old Casa Miguel’s location on Madison in Old Town Greenwood. Trisha handled the remodeling, spending three and a half months decorating and creating a unique atmosphere. Old TV Guide covers and pages along with records and other memorabilia of the 70s and 80s are under the clear coating on the tabletops, all of it Trisha’s work. Scott points out that the décor, designed to bring back good memories, “is still a work in progress.”

Carmel Apple Burger
Carmel Apple Burger

Since opening April 1, Scott is in the kitchen, and Trisha serves customers. Scott isn’t stuck in the kitchen; he is out meeting customers and listening to comments and suggestions. If you check out the reviews on Urban Spoon, (read them here, you’ll see a the high positive rating. Scott takes the time to respond to each review, be it a compliment or complaint.

In addition to great reviews online, Between the Bun has had two of their specialty burgers rated #1 and #7 by the Indianapolis Star for the “Top 10 Burgers You’ve Never Tried But Should!’  Plus they finished 4th in “Indy’s A-List” for “Best Burger.” Quite an accomplishment for being open less than a year.

Their goal is to create “something completely and utterly unheard of,” and they have done it. The burgers are marinated in 25-27 different spices. Their three rubs, created by Scott, are mild, medium and “Spitfire Seas-n-all” which contains just the right amount of one of the world’s hottest peppers, the ghost pepper.

Boss Dogg
Boss Dogg

You can choose from four barbecue sauces: Sweet Poontang BBQ, Suga ‘n Spice BBQ, Spitfire and Johnny Appleheat. Don’t worry about the heat, you can wash it away with a cold beer, or enjoy a glass of wine.

The appetizers may sound familiar, but taste them and you’ll see they are as unique as the rest of the menu. The fried pickles are individually hand breaded, so don’t expect them to be out two minutes after you order them. Of course, the sauces are made fresh onsite. Horsey Ranch, Spicy Sour Cream or Creamy Dijon are great for dipping or topping off a burger or dog.

Best Burgers IndianapolisScott never dreamed his backyard grilling would lead to this. Moreover, I promise, you have never had burgers, dogs and more like this.

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