Tim’s Bakery Celebrates 25 Years of Delicious Donuts In McCordsville

Photographer: Ron Wise

Tim Fontaine, owner of the popular Tim’s Bakery, 6087 W. Broadway, McCordsville, is an early riser.

He’s usually up at midnight, or sometimes earlier than that, to ensure that his customers get the absolute freshest baked goods for miles around.

Fontaine’s donuts are so delicious they are worth getting up extra early for. He opens at 5 a.m. every Monday-Saturday, with display cases full of his delicious treats. He has customers that come from both near and far away to get one of his outstanding donuts, muffins or fritters.

“One of the things that has really helped my business is the incredible growth in McCordsville, Fortville and the Geist area,” Fontaine says. “We are located in a major transportation artery that is on the way for a lot of people. I also have a lot of customers who tell their friends about us, so word-of-mouth has helped us become more popular.”

Tim’s Bakery, which opened in March 1993, has also grown steadily because Fontaine isn’t satisfied to just keep things the same at his shop.

“We are always striving to better our product,” Fontaine says. “We always look for ways to make everything better. I enjoy hearing people tell me they love our food, and that they will keep coming back. That’s why I want to keep improving.”

Customer favorites include the always-popular yeast donuts, the Tiger Tails, which are a white and chocolate yeast mix, and the Long John’s donuts, which are maple or chocolate iced.

Tim’s delicious Butterfly Cinnamon rolls are also a big hit.

“The yeast donuts are the quickest item to go,” Fontaine says. “We get a lot of customers who come in early to get them. Yeast donuts are a donut shop staple, and a big hit in the Midwest.”

Fontaine’s favorite donuts are the Maple Nut Rolls and the Maple Pecan Rolls.

“Anything with maple icing and nuts is good for me,” he says. “I love them, and I get a lot of customers asking about them.”

Other popular treats at Tim’s Bakery include the jelly and Bavarian donuts, donut holes, glazed apple fritters, coffee and their blueberry muffins.

“Our blueberry fritters also go pretty quickly every day,” Fontaine says “We get a lot of people buying those fast or asking about them.”

Fontaine, who is originally from the Greenfield & Maxwell area,  added that he has several long-time customers, but he also sees a lot of new faces regularly.

“There is some customer turnover,” Fontaine says. “People relocate their residence or get a job someplace farther away, but we have a strong customer base that keeps coming back.”

Fontaine noted that early risers usually have the largest selection to choose from.

“You need to catch us early,” Fontaine laughed. “That’s when you have a full case to choose from. There a lot of things gone by 10 a.m., but we still have a lot to choose from, and we have been getting customers to buy our other treats they can enjoy throughout the day such as popcorn, pretzels, Carmel Corn, milk and soft drinks.”

Fontaine closes at 11 a.m. every day.

“We hope to eventually expand, but we would stay in this spot,” Fontaine says. “People always know where to find us. Families and teachers at the Lawrence schools and the police department have been very loyal customers. It’s been great to see so many people stay with us over the last 25 years.”

Tim’s Bakery is located at 6087 W. Broadway, McCordsville. You can give them a call at 317-335-3344. They are open 5-11 a.m. Monday-Saturday and closed on Sundays.

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