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Chris Reed, owner of Creed Improvements,

Creed Improvements Brings Solid Service and State-of-the-Art Materials

Chris Reed, owner of Creed Improvements, wants to educate all homeowners about the revolutionary new product Owens Corning® Lumber, also known as OC™ Lumber.

Homeowners know traditional wood decks and docks need additional maintenance or total replacement throughout the course of their lives. “Traditional wood decks rot over time,” Reed says. “You’ll have to rehab them every 15 to 30 years and eventually replace them altogether. OC™ Lumber is composite lumber that replaces traditional treated lumber. The major advantages of OC™ Lumber are that it is completely submergible and unharmed by ultraviolet [UV] rays. So where a traditional deck might last 20 to 30 years with maintenance, upkeep and rehab, a deck or dock made with OC™ Lumber might last over 100 years with very little upkeep to the customer.”

Reed notes many residents in Florida already know and use OC™ Lumber due to its high durability and low maintenance. It’s rated for ground contact and underwater installation, it protects against water and the elements, resists mold, mildew, pests, stains and fading, and includes a 25-year UV protection pack.

“OC™ Lumber works the same way as traditional wood does, like cutting and screwing, but without all the maintenance and upkeep,” Reed says. “The cost is going to be higher than other traditional wood lumber, but it lasts so much longer.”

Reed learned about OC™ Lumber while designing a rooftop deck for a condo in downtown Indianapolis off of Mass Ave. Reed’s communications with Owens Corning and their local reps have created a buzz, and Reed’s downtown project will be featured nationally with Owens Corning. Upon completion of the project with Owens Corning, Reed realized the great opportunity with homeowners in the Geist Area.

Two workmen on an Indianapolis rooftop

“This product is a great option for Geist-area homeowners when renovating their decks and docks,” he says. “The upfront costs are a little more compared to traditional framing and decking. However, the benefits of low maintenance, increased property values and product durability far outweigh anything else. This product is a generational-type opportunity.”

Working directly with OC™ Lumber, Creed Improvements services the Geist area and provides on-site design services and consultations. Creed Improvements has an outstanding reputation in the area for over a decade, and is a proud member of the Greater Lawrence Chamber of Commerce.


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