Photographer: Belinda Russell

For Larry Harnish, a good cigar is more than just something to smoke. For him, a cigar is a physical representation of celebration, relaxation and community — a symbol of unity and triumph for all to enjoy and something he has loved for much of his adult life. It was this belief in what a cigar means and a longtime interest in the culture that surrounds them that led Harnish to open his own cigar shop.

Maduro on Main, Harnish’s cigar shop, recently opened in March and occupies a space in the heart of Fortville to serve the community by providing a unique business unlike anything else nearby. After years of working in a variety of different professional fields, Harnish decided it was time to step into the world of entrepreneurship and open his own business doing something he loved.

“A cigar makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something,” Harnish says. “When champions win the Super Bowl or hoist the NBA trophy, they smoke cigars, when you get married you have cigars, at the birth of a child, you pass out cigars. Those are all good moments that you like to share, and I want to share that feeling to those that aren’t familiar with cigars. My shop is a little different than most cigar shops. When people think of cigar shops they think of a smoky place or white tile floors with cigarettes on the wall, and this isn’t like that. It’s more of a lifestyle setting and a relaxing type of environment.”

While there are other cigar shops in Indianapolis, Indiana as a whole has a limited number of cigar shops, and Harnish hopes that his shop is able to work in collaboration with other shops in the area to help grow cigar popularity in Indy, as well as provide a new option for those looking for quality cigars on the Northeast side. Each store has its own set of unique and distinguishing characteristics, and Maduro on Main finds its identity through a welcoming atmosphere, broad selection of cigars and an in-store inventory that stretches beyond just cigars and into apparel, smoking accessories and even the occasional “Cigars 101” class.

Going forward, Harnish hopes to expand the shop with a smoking patio while continuing to serve the Fortville community.

“I want to have a place that’s comfortable and becomes a destination for cigar shoppers on the Northeast side of town who maybe don’t want to fight the Indianapolis traffic, and I’ve tapped into that I think,” Harnish adds.

Maduro on Main is located at 11 S Main St in downtown Fortville. The shop is open Tuesday through Sunday for those seeking a unique atmosphere and a quality cigar. For more information, call 317-505-9216 or visit them online at

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