Does the Cost of Weddings have to been expensive?

As a graduate of Ball State University, and a member of the Fishers, Indiana region, I like to practice my skills on local businesses. Tonight, I am writing about an interview I had with Ice rarden of Dancing the Night Away.
I first learned of Dancing the Night Away when I stubbled across an ad that was newly listed in Indy Magizine. I then saw reviews posted on atGeist and atFishers so I called up this guy they called Ice and asked for a phone interview. I was quite surprised when Ice told me he’d be glad to discuss his business with me and he wanted to know what I needed.I quickly reached for a pen and paper and this is what I was able to make sense of after a one hour conversation. Ice is very pleasant and, as I was to find out after speaking with him, extremely knowledgeable about the music industry. I began our interview with a simple question. I asked Ice why weddings have to be so expensive? He answered with a make no mistake response that they don’t have to. It’s the advertising, and the general thought that to have a sucessful wedding you need to spend a lot of money. That is Madison Avenue,s influence on the weddings of today. In fact, Ice told me that some of the best weddings that he has entertained at were those without all the fancy frills that everyone thinks they need.For instance, many families have a qualified baker in the family and they never stop to ask that family member to bake their wedding cake.Why does it have to have cream frosting and bought from a store or bakery to be good? The average wedding cake is $300-400 and how many cakes have you tasted that were worth that kind of money? As I sat in my chair and talked into my cell phone, I thought this guy is right. I can’t think of a single wedding cake that I would want the receipe for. They just didn’t rock my socks. Ice then suggested a wedding in the backyard under a tent and catered could be as charming if not more than the most expensive wedding hall. The key is to have good food. A catering service will immediately try and push buffet style cuisine on you. Why have it? Request a sit down meal. Yes, it will be more than a pasta dish but it will take longer to serve and that cuts down on the amount people eat. Select home grown regional wines or wines of reputation from California rather than expensive imported wines from countries that don’t particularly like Americans. That made sense to me. Next ,church receptions are great but private intimate services with your priest, minister, Rabbi or whomever you are leaning towards can cost far less in your home or at the reception hall.
Disc jockeys are another cost that need to be looked at closely, Ice said. Too often people feel the more they pay the better the entertainment service. A complete DJ package from the place of service until the bride and groom leave or three hours of music should cost no more than $850. If you cut out the church and only want dinner music and entertainment for three hours once the party starts the cost should bottom out at $650, with $450 being the most anyone should pay for three hours of entertainment.

Ice said that’s why Dancing the Night Away offers three different packages to fit a wedding budget not to send the couple into debt once they return from their honeymoon.Makes sense to me, I thought. Let the bride spend a little more on her dress, not food or reception hall. Another problem is brides don’t price compare reception halls. They usually get a place on their mind and it becomes much like an E Bay auction. The bride wants it and will pay for it regardless of other facilities or add ons that come close to the wedding day.

Candles on the tables with pretty glass vases can be purchased at discount stores for favors and florists are all over the yellow pages. Find one you like and can afford then choose flowers that are local, grown in the USA and in season.

Ice said if the future bride and groom followed these suggestions they would knock 25% off their anticipated cost or more.

Well, Ice, I’m not going to get married to see if you are right but what you suggested does make sense to this writer. So, there you have it! Future brides of Fishers and surrounding areas, listen to the suggestions of ICE if you want to save money. By the way ,I did promise to plug Dancing the Night Away in return for the interview. They can be reached at (317) 201-5267 and (317) 654-3136 if you are looking for inexpensive disc jockey entertainment and free suggestions on how to limit the cost of your wedding reception.

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