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Todd and Jamie:

Todd and Jamie started the recovery process about five years ago after realizing the path they were headed down was not one they wanted to continue. Mocktails became the new normal and their new path is a much healthier one.











After jail and sleeping on the floor of a homeless shelter, Brian decided he didn’t want that life anymore. Recovery has given him repaired relationships, new healthy relationships, and a life that makes him a better man than ever before.



This fitness coach and mentor had no hope five years ago of ever seeing more than two days without alcohol. After failed attempts to manage her drinking through moderation and restriction, she knew her body was just genetically different.



All she wanted was to find the trick to moderation. Rachel lived a lifestyle full of healthy behaviors but drinking was the one thing that she couldn’t figure out. She finally had enough, threw everything but the kitchen sink at getting sober, and her sober journey began.










Jordan firmly believes in the phrase “a smart man learns from his mistakes and a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” Sober-curious became sober living, and today he lives as an example of toxic-free living to others.


After 15 years of being the partier, the fun guy and the life of the party, Jonathan realized he was an alcoholic. Continual relapses, trips to the hospital and almost losing his marriage were catalysts to get sober. Accountability and faith help him stay sober.











After watching his uncle lose his life due to alcohol, Max knew that alcohol needed to be eliminated from his life. Finding sober people and socializing in alcohol-free places has made a huge difference in his sobriety.










Genova started drinking at an early age and every occasion involved drinking alcohol. Today she’s sober by taking things one day at a time and relying on her higher power.











After years of going back and forth between alcohol/substance use and abstinence, Joylynn felt like a failure since she couldn’t stop. Her sobriety journey began by addressing underlying trauma and today she coaches others in their recovery.










The shame of alcoholism kept her isolated for years. The shame of alcoholism has kept her nine years of recovery a secret. Alison publicly shares her story for the first time.











As a business owner and mom of six that just celebrated 23 years clean and sober, Annie never thought this is where her life would be when she was arrested at 18 for possession of a controlled substance.











Pam has always been sober-curious since alcohol use has been a generational pattern in her family. She started educating herself and today she’s leaving sobriety as her legacy for the next generation.











He lived by the motto “work hard, play hard” and as a binge drinker who could go periods of time without drinking, Mario didn’t see himself as an alcoholic. Hitting rock bottom taught him he is an alcoholic.










At only 25 years old, Bailey realized that one drink was never enough and moderation was not possible. She recognized those patterns from watching family members struggle with alcoholism and decided not to wait for her rock bottom.










Kristin had many stop/starts and broken rules before finally becoming alcohol free. Getting sober was a process and Kristin encourages others to be gentle with themselves.











Todd knew extended family members had challenges with addiction so at a very young age he chose not to drink. Choosing not to start meant he wouldn’t have to choose to stop down the road.









Are you sober-curious or ready to start your sober journey? Here are some local resources to help!

Indianapolis Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous



Fishers Health Department/Stigma Free Fishers



Recovery Café of Hamilton County



Memento Zero Proof Lounge



Loren’s Alcohol-Free Beverages



If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use, call 800-662-4357 for free, confidential, 24/7 support.

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